Mobility in the East and Southwest of Antioquia is collapsed due to several landslides

Mobility in the East and Southwest of Antioquia is collapsed due to several landslides
Mobility in the East and Southwest of Antioquia is collapsed due to several landslides

04:24 PM

The downpours that broke out in several regions of Antioch Since the afternoon of this Friday, May 3, they caused landslides in several main corridors in the East and Southwest.

According to the Highway Police, on the Pintada-Medellín road, in Alto de Minas and the sector known as 60, there is a total closure due to landslides. Also in Santa Bárbara, at kilometer 39+750 there is only one lane access because part of the mountain fell away, throwing rock and earth onto the road.

Santa Bárbara is one of the most affected municipalities in the Southwest, as it also has a closure on the La Mansa-Primavera road, one of the most historically complex sections in the Sinifaná sector and whose The closure largely collapses mobility in this corridor.

In the East they are also going through serious difficulties due to landslides in several neuralgic roads. In Cocorná the Santuario-Caño Alegra road is closed at kilometer 10+400. Also in the El Recreo sector, in the same municipality, there is only one lane access due to land fall.

Also in the East, on the Santuario-Granada road, there is a transition to one lane and they are also waiting for EPM to be present to move a power pole that collapsed after an earth movement. The connection between Cocorná and Granada has problems in several sections and They are asking for urgent support from the Government of Antioquia to enable the road with yellow machinery.

In El Retiro, where mobility collapsed this Saturday, May 4, due to the overflowing of the La Agudelo stream, neighbors along with mayoral staff They had to go out with a broom and shovel in hand. to drain the road and collect the mud to enable traffic again. In the municipality they report that the contingency has been overcome.

The Government of Antioquia indicated that it has yellow machinery deployed on at least 15 fronts in the department. As anticipated by Ideam, Antioquia has 17 municipalities on red alert due to risk of landslides, another 30 on orange alert and 38 on yellow alert. It is the department with the largest number of municipalities under alert.

The recommendation of the authorities is to stay informed through the networks of Invías or the Government of Antioquia before taking any inter-municipal destination, as new emergencies are expected throughout the weekend.

Two weeks ago, the National Government asked the mayors in these risk areas to deliver updated maps of the critical points in their municipalities to carry out prevention and mitigation actions.

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