María Fernanda Cabal assured that Colombia is “on the verge of a civil war” and launched taunts at the left

María Fernanda Cabal assured that Colombia is “on the verge of a civil war” and launched taunts at the left
María Fernanda Cabal assured that Colombia is “on the verge of a civil war” and launched taunts at the left

María Fernanda Cabal assured that the left is the queen of propaganda – credit Camila Díaz/Colprensa

Democratic Center senator María Fernanda Cabal attacked the Latin American left in an interview with Joseph Humire, executive director of the Center for a Free and Secure Society. With her statements, which are part of episode 32 of the Border Wars Podcast, the opposition congresswoman launched strong accusations against the ideology that today governs several countries, such as Colombia, under the mandate of President Gustavo Petro.

Cabal assured that the left, whether guided towards communism, Nazism or fascism, is a type of socialism or collectivist doctrine, which has managed to move thanks to the publicity that has been made of it.. “The left is the queen of propaganda,” the congresswoman said in the interview.

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In her criticism of the ideology she opposes, being right-wing, she referred to the effects that Colombia has ended up having on her. For this reason, at first, she questioned the peace policy managed by former president Juan Manuel Santos, in whose government the peace process was carried out with the former Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (Farc-EP).

María Fernanda Cabal assured that there was no division of the FARC – credit Luis Jaime Acosta/Reuters

From their perspective, the effects of the negotiation, seven years after it was agreed, are problematic. “What’s the score? 1,300 illegal groups, coca floods Colombia, it is no longer just the FARC, which left a little arm, as dissidents“, accurate. According to a recent report from the Early Warning System of the Ombudsman’s Office, between 2022 and 2023 the country’s illegal armed groups grew by 36% and, in addition, managed to spread to 253 municipalities in the national territory.

The increase in the tentacles of armed actors has been evident in the FARC dissidents; the Central General Staff (EMC) and the Second Marquetalia, for example, began to increase their presence in 19 and 15 municipalities, respectively.

The Central General Staff (EMC) of the FARC dissidents have spread to several municipalities in Colombia – credit Ernesto Guzmán/EFE

According to Cabal, the so-called dissidents, who abstained from being part of the 2016 Peace Agreement, are not, in reality, a group segregated from the FARC. “I say that the FARC were never divided, the older people retire, they give them free seats in Congress, that they do not give them to the victims or those of the public force, so that they can go and shout all their psychopathy and their illness mental“said the right-wing congresswoman.

Taking into account the current panorama of insecurity and violence in Colombia, the senator assured that the future that awaits the country could be devastating. “Today Colombia is on the verge of a civil war,” she indicated.

María Fernanda Cabal assured that Juan Manuel Santos “put” Gustavo Petro in the Presidency – credit Presidency of the Republic

Likewise, he questioned the arrival of President Gustavo Petro to power and pointed out that Juan Manuel Santos was behind his victory in the 2022 elections. From his point of view, the former president was the one who “put” Petro in the presidency. from Colombia. “He would not have arrived with all the extortion capacity, nor with the support of illegal groups or drug traffickers, if he had not had the high-level political alliances that Santos gave him.”, he assured.

It should be noted that there are currently investigations into the financing of the president’s campaign due to the alleged entry of illegal money and the exceeding of limits. The scandal has affected his campaign manager, the president of Ecopetrol, Ricardo Roa.

Thus, the congresswoman showed an uninspiring balance over more than a year of Petro’s government. She explained that Colombians are leaving the country because of the problems that have worsened. “Kidnapping increased by about 300%, the recruitment of children by 500%, and the international community was silent, silent.“, accurate.

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