Criticism of “strange schedules” of the sessions of the Departmental Assembly of Casanare » PRENSA LIBRE CASANARE

Deputy Luz Mery Niño expressed her critical position towards the session schedules of the Departmental Assembly of Casanare, arguing that they seriously limit citizen participation. According to Niño, the sessions are scheduled at inaccessible times, such as early in the morning or late at night, without consideration for the availability of the citizens of the different municipalities of the department.

“This practice of altering session times at the last minute and without adequate prior notice is excluding the community from a process that should be open and transparent,” Niño said.

The representative expressed her particular concern during this crucial period of departmental development planning, underlining the need to establish fixed and reasonable schedules that allow greater attendance and citizen participation of the inhabitants of the 19 municipalities.

Furthermore, Niño announced that he will formally request, through a right to petition, a detailed report on how the session schedules have been managed and proposed that measures be taken to regularize this practice. “We cannot continue to operate this way, where citizens do not even know when they will be able to participate or listen to the deliberations of their representatives,” she said.


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