The call is open to access the TrACcionar Córdoba program

Until Sunday, May 12, applications can be submitted from companies interested in participating in the 2024 call for the TrACcionar Córdoba program, an initiative of the Competitiveness Agency (AC), dependent on the Ministry of Economy and Public Management.

The objective is to coordinate the work of large firms (drivers) and small and medium-sized companies (drivers) that participate in the same value chain, and thus enhance their competitiveness in both national and international markets.

The call contemplates a quota of up to ten (10) driving companies and one hundred (100) total SME companies, in a composition of between five (5) and ten (10) SME companies per driving network.

In the first stage, the leading companies will apply and be selected, those that are leaders in their sector. Then, with technical assistance from the AC and the Excellence Foundation, these driving companies will select the participating SMEs based on the identification of the existing theme and value chain.

TrACcionar Córdoba program

The first step

The driving company interested in participating in the Call must make an electronic application via CiDi Multinota following the steps presented in these instructions. (GUIDE FOR THE PRESENTATION OF MULTINOTA_Traccionar.pdf – Google Drive)

The form to apply to the program is available here.

Once the form is completed, you will receive an email with a copy of your response, which you must download as a PDF and enter it through the Multinota procedure (úblico) addressed to the Government of the Province of Córdoba and particularly to the Agency for Competitiveness of Córdoba.

For this it is necessary to be registered with CiDi level 2. In turn, you must add the sworn statement signed by the person responsible for accountability representing the “tractor” company, which certifies that you are not included in the impediments to being an applicant for this program. , which is available to complete in CiDi. The legal representative of the tractor company must present the procedure in his name, for which he must previously manage the legal representation process (instructions). (I_SIG_020_Instructivo_Representante_Legal_CiDi_Rev03.docx (

Once the application is accepted and the participation of the driving company is confirmed, the selection of SMEs will be requested. The process will be assisted by the technical team of Excellence and Competitiveness Agency.

Those interested can access detailed information on the methodology, objectives, requirements and formal aspects of the program at this link. (TrACcionar Córdoba – Córdoba Competitiveness Agency (

TrACcionar Córdoba program

What will they do

The key to the program is to work on the value chains of large companies (tractors) to align them with their supplier companies (SMEs). The work, which is structured in different phases and stages, is aimed at the responsible management teams of companies and SMEs, and has the goal of achieving specific results.

Each driving company will select a transversal theme on which to place particular emphasis depending on its development interest in its value chain. The transversal themes are predefined and for this call they are: Supply chain/Lean; 4.0 and applied Artificial Intelligence; Energy efficiency; Triple impact/Circular economy and New markets and internationalization, on this particular topic we will work with the support of ProCórdoba.

Financing and consulting

The Agency, in alliance with the Federal Investment Council (CFI), promotes this initiative through which companies access the benefit of co-financing of the benefits included in this program. 50% is contributed by the Province and the rest by the participating firms (30% by the tractor company and the remaining 20% ​​contributed by the SMEs that participate in the network of each tractor company).

TrACcionar Córdoba program

Participating companies will have an assigned consultant who will carry out their in-company tasks. The selection and assignment of profiles is defined according to (i) the topic chosen by the tractor to address in its value chain, (ii) the expertise, specific knowledge of the sector and/or seniority of the consultant in any of the privileged verticals within the framework of this program, (iii) previous experience in developing similar consulting tasks and (iv) their time availability and willingness to participate.

The consultants will receive training and instruction from Fundación EXCELENCIA representatives for the correct implementation of the Competitiveness Management Model Methodology and tools associated with the model. The activities developed by the consultants will have permanent monitoring and support from the Program Coordinator.

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