Independiente Medellín beat César Vallejo in Sudamericana (1-5)

Independiente Medellín beat César Vallejo in Sudamericana (1-5)
Independiente Medellín beat César Vallejo in Sudamericana (1-5)

With Miguel Monsalve as a figure, Independiente Medellín
achieved a resounding victory in the Copa Sudamericana by beating César Vallejo this Tuesday, as a visitor (1-5). of Peru for the fourth date of the group stage.

The emotions of engagement did not take long to arrive. Only 2′ after starting the game in Peruvian territory, The DIM gave the first warning of its intentions through a header from Bryan León to the floor that narrowly missed. The local response did not take long either and at 7′ César Vallejo came in after a series of rebounds within the powerful area.

Later, After a few minutes of relative calm in the game, César Vallejo generated a counterattack that ended with a cross shot that Yorleys was unable to deflect. Mena, although she was in an irregular position.

Then, the DIM opened the scoring. At 14′, those led by Alfredo Arias went ahead thanks to Bryan León, who quickly defined and in a good way a pass from Monsalve before the departure of the visiting goalkeeper.

Peruvian equality reached 21′, when, Taking advantage of a mistake by goalkeeper Éder Chaux in an attempt to cut out a cross from the left, Jairo Vélez sent the tool to the back: 1-1.

From then until the end of the first half, DIM was slightly superior to its rival, but it was enough for it to, once again, reflect that difference on the scoreboard when, at the time of added time, Muñis, taking advantage of an error in a backward throw-in by César Vallejo, put the powerful player up again.

Although the beginning of the complementary period had a scoring chance for the local team, which ended up diverting Chaux in a good way, from then until the end it was, practically, an exhibition of the DIM.

With Monsalve on fire, honoring the captain’s ribbon that he got used to wearing in recent games, Ménder García (60′), Monsalve himself (73′) and Baldomero Perlaza at 79′, just a few minutes after coming on in place of Vásquez, gave figures to the solid victory of the red.

with the victorythe DIM, which will have its next match in Argentina against Defensa y Justicia, the powerful team reached 9 points and assumed the leadership of the group A, at least partially.

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