Comuneros del Sur Front announces break with the ELN

Comuneros del Sur Front announces break with the ELN
Comuneros del Sur Front announces break with the ELN

“Unanimously, the assembly decided to declare a break with the central command and the national leadership, which leads to not accepting the treatment of aggression and the current model of leadership from political exile,” said a spokesperson identified as ‘Commander Roberto ‘, representative of the Southern Community Front.

In addition to this break, the group stressed its interest in actively participating in peace initiatives in Nariño, such as the humanitarian demining process. “The assembly mandates that we remain in the political negotiation process between the Southern Community Front and the national government, under President Petro’s ‘total peace’ policy,” the spokesperson added.

The Frente Comuneros del Sur has argued substantial differences with the central leadership of the ELN, pointing out alleged aggression and discrepancies in the management of the group at the national level. This disagreement could be seen coming, especially after the Frente Comuneros del Sur expressed its willingness to join the regional dialogues led by the governor of Nariño, Luis Alfonso Escobar.

Despite this separation, the Frente Comuneros del Sur ratifies its commitment to territorial peace in Nariño. This includes their participation in the humanitarian demining process, a crucial task for the stability and security of the region.

The decision of this guerrilla front raises questions about the future of negotiations at the national level between the government and the ELN. The government delegation had asked President Gustavo Petro to make decisions regarding the viability of holding talks with both factions or focusing exclusively on the Frente Comuneros del Sur as a separate entity from the ELN.

The break could open the door to new dynamics of dialogue and specific agreements with the Frente Comuneros del Sur, thus allowing progress in conflict resolution in a more focused and effective way in the Nariño region.

Ultimately, this separation marks a significant moment in the landscape of armed conflict in Colombia, posing challenges but also opportunities to consolidate peace and security in Nariño and potentially other areas affected by the conflict.


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