would have committed a home burglary

would have committed a home burglary
would have committed a home burglary

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The theft occurred in the Buenavista neighborhood of Manizales, near Cerro de Oro.

THE HOMELAND | Manizales

The Manizales Metropolitan Police captured this Saturday night two people in the Buenavista sidewalk of the city, in the sector of Golden Hill.

These subjects would have been caught in flagrante delicto, while They committed a robbery inside a home.

As LA PATRIA learned, one of those arrested is an active member of the Policewith 19 years of service.

What was stolen amounts to $4 million.

They will investigate the uniformed man

In a statement published this Sunday morning, the Manizales Metropolitan Police reported that uniformed CAI of the La Sultana neighborhood They attended to the case, reported at 8:05 pm on Saturday. The person who reported the case would have said that a car was moving along the Buenavista sidewalk with stolen items.

Upon arriving at the site, they found the vehicle with two members and the stolen items inside. When verifying people’s identities, They managed to establish that one is a member of the National Police.

“Within the framework of the comprehensive police transparency policy, this unit began an investigation in coordination with the Attorney General’s Office. In the same sense, at the disciplinary level, An investigative process was opened to clearly determine all the circumstances that framed the conduct of the uniformed officer,” the institution concluded.


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