through a registry they will enable workers

through a registry they will enable workers
through a registry they will enable workers

The pruning season is approaching in San Juan and that is why the Municipality of Rawson will begin to provide training and credentials for workers who want to dedicate themselves to that. In this sense, and through the Pruning Registry, all those people who want to work on trimming municipal trees will be able to do so, as long as they are authorized.

In this way, what is also sought is to avoid incidents of insecurity in which neighbors are attacked by “false pruners” that no one knows. Through this registry, the municipality will have the workers registered and will also train them to carry out the work correctly.

For more information, HUARPE DIARY was in contact with Nicolás Espejo, director of Environment and Green Spaces of the Municipality of Rawson, who explained the details of this new Pruning Registry. The official commented that the intention is for the municipality to be able to carry out an updated survey on the human resources that exist in Rawson and, on the other hand, regulate that they are minimally trained or that they have the basic knowledge to carry out pruning in a manner correct.

“The registration will be for the pruners, foresters and gardeners of the department and is intended for independent workers, as well as for small companies that are dedicated to the field,” Espejo highlighted.

From this record, a call will be made for the different trainings. The first will be next week and will address the topic of the correct use of explosion machinery.

“The training guarantees that workers have the basic knowledge to prune,” he commented.

In addition, the director of Environment and Green Spaces of Rawson clarified that attendees will be given a card that will enable them to carry out these practices in a particular way. In this way, neighbors will be able to demand that workers show their credentials and avoid conflicts, especially those involving insecurity.

The modus operandi of some criminals who pose as municipal or company workers to attack neighbors’ homes is known.

The training will be free for everyone, in addition to workers they may be neighbors or individuals, but the municipality explained that it will be more oriented towards people who want to dedicate themselves to that. The courses will extend throughout the entire pruning period, since it will also be aimed at foresters and gardeners.

The Pruning Registry will be available in the coming days on the municipality’s website. It will have a form in which a series of questions will be asked such as the experience of each user, if they have equipment, what field they do, what type of pruning they do, and other information that will serve to summon them as they trainings are carried out.

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