Another pitched battle between students occurred in Tucumán and they fear new clashes

Another pitched battle between students occurred in Tucumán and they fear new clashes
Another pitched battle between students occurred in Tucumán and they fear new clashes

A new pitched battle between students took place in the streets of downtown Tucuman (Credit: @OnlyTucuman)

A new episode of violence had as protagonists students from secondary school in San Miguel de Tucumán. The wild fight took place this Wednesday, after noon, at the intersection of streets Dolls and Marcos Paz, North Quarter. It was a day after a similar event in the province.

While the cars and motorcycles tried to circulate normally in the center of Tucumán, the images captured by the occasional pedestrians revealed the attacks and fights between the young people, recalling the unfortunate episode that occurred this Tuesday with the pitched battle between students from two schoolsin the provincial capital.

After the commotion that the episodes generated, the Minister of Education of Tucumán, Susana Montaldo, spoke with the local media and highlighted that “we are acting together, Education and Security, to analyze what is happening, why young people are acting that way. And we want to listen to them, know what they want, what happens to them and give them spaces for participation within the school to prevent that energy that the young person has from being used in an aggressive way, but rather into civic participation, sports and culture. I think we have to channel our energies.”

“We want to have a better quality of society, that is equitable, democratic and respectful, that we know how to interact with others without attacking, listen and experience diversity as a wealth. We take it with great seriousness and professionalism, working together to respond so that there are actually groups of young people who participate in our schools, whether in student centers or intercollegiate centers,” the official added.

The young people clashed at the intersection of Muñecas and Marcos Paz streets, Barrio Norte (Credit: @OnlyTucuman)

In a short video you can see the neighbors shocked by what happened, as one of the witnesses to the confrontation said: “When the kids leave school, they always pass by here, but they do it in a respectful manner. They push and charge, but it doesn’t go beyond that. What has happened now has scared us. “They were a lot of kids,” he said in statements to the local portal. eltucumano.

In turn, the man highlighted that the problem “started here, on the corner of Marcos Paz and Muñecas. It’s the first time we see something like this“, and added that “in my time, I did this and my parents found out, they both kicked me up. Today’s parents are very light. These kids are the reflection of their first education, which is what comes from home.”.

For its part, Susana, a merchant from the block where the young people fought, reported that “It’s not the first time they fight. In fact, one of the boys who appears in the video and can clearly be seen was fighting last week in Chacabuco (at 100),” in statements to The Gazette.

The neighbors were shocked by the violent episode this Wednesday (Credit: @OnlyTucuman)

Likewise, the woman assured that the situation she experienced this Wednesday caused her some fear: “More than once I saw three or four of them fighting, but never something like this. It was a pitched battle“I was amazed by the mess they made.”

In the midst of the growing violence between young people in Tucumán, this Wednesday the rumor of an alleged call for students for a possible confrontation in Plaza Independencia.

This occurred from some audios that circulated on WhatsApp: “What’s up with laziness? I am Duck. Tomorrow (today) we are all going to get together in Plaza Independencia at 11:50. We are going to make everyone shit: Trade 1, Trade 3. We are going to screw up the school that comes. They are going to carry guns, knives, knives, knuckles, sticks, whatever. Be well, rogues.”

This information reached the Tucumán Policeso an important operation was ordered and the young people who were passing by the Government House were asked to leave, according to the report from eltucumano.

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