UCASAL: The mining communication diploma course was opened – You may be interested

UCASAL: The mining communication diploma course was opened – You may be interested
UCASAL: The mining communication diploma course was opened – You may be interested

In dialogue with Time of Voices (FM Ya 91.3)Iovino gave details about the diploma that will begin next Saturday, May 18 at the Catholic University of Salta.

The mining communication diploma is intended for journalists, communicators, public relations specialists, designers, audiovisual producers and graduates of careers linked to communication.

For those interested, registration remains open through the Diploma in Mining Communication page (ucasal.edu.ar).

“The diploma will begin on Saturday, May 18, and it would be interesting for people to go to the USCASAL website, search for the mining communication diploma, and there they will have all the details of the program and also the possibility of leaving their data. to be able to advance, if you are interested and if you can, in registering for this diploma,” Iovino reported.

It should be noted that the diploma course was held last year, where a group of approximately 30 people already received and are currently working in mining activity, in areas such as institutional relations, information coverage and the link with the society.

“It was a very interesting experience that we replicated today and, in addition, using the distance education system that we have, virtuality, we launched it nationwide. That is, journalists, communicators, people who work in institutional relations, either in mining or who want to later aim to work in mining, can participate in order to carry out this activity, which will be virtual, with hybrid classes, where they will to receive general information training regarding the different characteristics of mining activity in Argentina,” he expressed.

Likewise, he indicated that on the basis of the diploma they are working in coordination with the Argentine Chamber of Mining Entrepreneurs, who will hold discussions within the framework of the diploma where they will have the presence of specialists in different areas of production and also all those aspects linked to the social, economic and environmental impact of mining activity.

“Along with mining development and its impact on the economy, concerns arise in relation to the social and environmental consequences that the activities of extraction, treatment and transportation of minerals and chemicals can generate. That is why the responsible and conscientious participation of the different actors in information and communication, seeking to defend the social right of access to truthful information,” Iovino remarked.

In that sense, he commented that last year a group of advanced communication students designed a project to form a consulting firm to produce content on social networks aimed at the “centennial” generation, where the characterization of what the messages should be is given, where they should be distributed and what advice can be given not only to companies, but also to non-governmental organizations.

“In this case, one of those who supported us last year was the Argentine Chamber of Mining Entrepreneurs, we are going to include an activity so that some participants can visit plants, whether urban, peri-urban or in a production area, to also be able to have “A survey of what reality can be seen in the operation of different companies, and we are going to regionalize that precisely to be able to provide the facility in the proximity of people to be able to know from the inside some facet of the activity of mining companies,” added the director.

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