They found him dead in Manizales


Forensic Medicine yesterday identified the body found between La Cabaña and Tres Puertason Monday, in a wooded area of Manizales.

Is about Cristian Camilo Vargas Henao, 32 years oldreported as missing since May 1, when he left his home in Altos de Granada neighborhoodCourse to La Rochellein the Santagueda village of Palestine (Caldas). Since that day no more was heard from him.

They identified him because he had several tattoos and by the few prints left on his fingers.

It would be a homicide due to robberyas LA PATRIA learned, although the authorities have not yet confirmed. Nothing is known about the car..

Cristian Camilo went out to provide a service InDrivehe said goodbye to his mother and did not communicate again.

According to information from relatives, accepted the request and several people informed him that this profile seemed fake, but he took it.

In the last 20 days Bodies have been found in wooded areas of Manizales: Persia, La Enea, Monteleón reserve and east of the via Tres Puertas, the first three killed. The authorities have said that They are isolated cases.

551 people are still reported missing in the Caldense capital.

The woman found in a wooded area of ​​Chinchiná on Monday would have been recognized by her relatives, but she touched go for a DNA test, since they found only bone remains. We have to wait a few weeks.

In La Dorada

The man found in the Doña Juana Rivernear to Hanging Bridge spa, La Cantera sectoris Juan Pablo Alonso21 years old.

According to information provided by relatives, he traveled from El Trique village to visit an aunt in the Las Ferias neighborhoodcarrying a family parcel.

On Saturday afternoon, around 3:00, he joined a group of local youths to bathe in the river, who allegedly lent him the necessary clothing. After the afternoon, Juan Pablo did not return with the group.

Juan Pablo’s body He was found with a wound to the neckwhich suggests the possibility of homicide. However, so far Legal Medicine has not issued an official statement to determine the exact cause of his death, whether it was by immersion or murder.

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