Grand premiere of The Family Reunited

Grand premiere of The Family Reunited
Grand premiere of The Family Reunited

June 21, 2024 – 00:05

On June 14, the hilarious comedy “La familia reunida” by Mauro Arch Quiroga premiered at the Girardi Urban Cultural Complex, a new show that put on stage an outstanding cast made up of Gina Bellincanta, Héctor Cangi, Sandra Martínez, Silvio Arias , Silvia Camarasa, Aldo Peralta, Dévora Orellana and Juan Contreras.

The participation of the public met the expectations of this proposal that presented an “Italo Catamarca” family that meets to celebrate the mother’s birthday, one month after the death of the patriarch. The family “business”, the links between them and a letter left by the deceased, trigger a series of hilarious events. The functions will continue from August. Contact for advance notices 3834603051.

In the Catamarca League

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Aragón’s defense will denounce trial witnesses for false testimony

After the event for Flag Day

Jalil and the governors of the North were received by Milei at the Casa Rosada


Concern of the APINTA union about possible layoffs and cuts


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