Cinema at School visited five departments in the last two months

Educational establishments in La Paz, Villaguay, Paraná, Gualeguay and Tala have been visited, within the framework of the program implemented since March. The audiovisual material is selected together with directors and teachers of the institutions in view of the educational trajectory of each course.

The Cinema at School program, implemented by the Ministry of Culture, through the Audiovisual Institute of Entre Ríos (IAER), has developed important activity in different departments of the province during its first two months of validity.

Thus, hundreds of children and adolescents have shared the experience of enjoying movies in their schools, whose classrooms have become movie theaters for a few hours.

“In two months of implementation, the program rebuilt the habit of a movie theater in rural schools in five departments, Paraná, Villaguay, La Paz, Gualeguay and Tala,” comments Mariano Osuna, member of the IAER work team in charge of the organization of the proposal.

The last tour was carried out through schools in the departments of Villaguay and La Paz. More than 200 viewers participated in short and feature films, the choice of which is made together with the managers and teachers of the establishments, considering the different educational levels and with the intention that they contribute to recreation, entertainment and also be a contribution to learning. of common thematic axes.

Through Villaguay and La Paz

On Wednesday, May 15 and Thursday, May 16, the team in charge of the screenings was in the rural schools of Puerto Algarrobo, Paso Potrillo and Alcaraz Segundo Sur, in the department of La Paz; and in Lucas Sud Primera, in the Villaguay district.

On the first day, the meeting was at educational units No. 19 Sara Eccleston in Puerto Algarrobo, No. 38 Lisandro de la Torre in Paso Potrillo, and No. 49 Don Alceste Rebechi in Alcaraz Segundo, in the department of La Paz.

The tour continued through school No. 67 La Cautiva, located in the Alcaraz Segundo Sur area, in the department of La Paz. On Thursday, it was the turn of the Villaguay department, where establishments No. 88 Tambor de Tacuarí, No. 35 Bernardino Rivadavia, No. 62 Provincia de Tucumán, No. 65 Gabriela Mistral and No. 16 Maipú, from Lucas Sud Primera, met. .

“In this tour we worked with five communities, Boards and Communes, with the collaboration of teachers and school directors. And, for the first time, the visit of the Audiovisual Institute to School No. 88 Tambor de Tacuarí, in Lucas Sud Primera, was included, which invited five other educational units in the area,” says the IAER member. The team travels in a vehicle equipped with screens, projectors, sound and hundreds of film titles.


The program itinerary, articulated with the Ministry of Human Development, began in March in the towns of Colonia Merou, Paraná department; Lazo Station, Aldea Asunción and General Galarza, in the Gualeguay district; He continued through Guardamonte, Durazno and Gobernador Mansilla, in the Tala department.

Meanwhile, the future calendar includes visits to Arroyo Burgos and Pueblo Brugo, in the Paraná department; Ubajay, Hambis and Pueblo Cazes, from the Colón district; and Colonia Baylina, San Ernesto, Walter Moss and La Perla, from the San Salvador department.

The proposal, implemented by the Secretary of Culture of Entre Ríos, aims to disseminate regional, national and international films; the reconstruction of the collective habit of a movie theater in educational establishments; and the use of audiovisual pieces as triggers of significant themes for the school trajectories of children and adolescents.

(IAER Press)

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