Companies that generate more income for the country are in Bogotá and Cundinamarca

Companies that generate more income for the country are in Bogotá and Cundinamarca
Companies that generate more income for the country are in Bogotá and Cundinamarca

The report records that Bogotá and Cundinamarca is not only the region that has the most companies in the country, but also has the ones that generate the most income for the country with $825.7 billion.

The supervisory body points out that these incomes represent 62.9% of the total income of the 1,000 companies that were analyzed for 2023.

In this same sense, the second place is held by Antioquia with income of $196.4 billion, with a share of 15%, but not far behind is the Atlantic Coast region, with income of $141.2 billion and 10.8 % of participation.

Further behind is the Pacific Coast region with $93.9 billion in income and a 7.2% share, while the Central East region registers $26.5 billion and a 2% share.

In the distribution of income, between the first and the 50th companies, they control the distribution of 44% of the total income, while between the 51st and the 100th companies they have 10%.

Total balance

According to Supersociedades, in the total balance, an increase of 7.9% in operating income was recorded, compared to those reported in the 2022 report.

The superintendent of Companies, Billy Escobar, in his account of and 2021.”

It indicates that “the report includes 120 new companies, 64% of them belonging to the services macro sector that have generated $107 billion pesos.”

The sectors

Likewise, “the mining and hydrocarbons macrosector was affected by the decrease in the price of a barrel of oil, which was 17% less than the average recorded in 2022. There was also an effect of the revaluation, which caused a decrease in its income and equity as a result of the recognition of the conversion difference. However, gains were maintained in said macro-sector.”

QFor operating income, the mining and hydrocarbon sector led the ranking, followed by the services sector. Manufacturing and commerce followed. By companies, the top 10 began with Ecopetrol, which totaled revenues of $129 billion, followed by Reficar, which reached $32 billion. Avianca with $27.1 billion, Terpel with $23 billion and Nueva EPS with $20.2 billion.

In turn, EPM reached $17.7 billion, like D1, which not only achieved high revenues of $17.4 billion, but surpassed Éxito, a supermarket chain with $15.7 billion.

The Supersociedades report indicates that, in the business breakdown, 283 companies in the commerce sector were taken into account that presented revenues of $347.3 billion.

Regarding the agricultural sector, it had income of $16.4 billion in 24 companies, while the construction and manufacturing sector had income of $33.6 billion and $282.6 billion, respectively.

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