Free way for the entry of smuggled meat in Neuquén: there are no controls due to lack of gas

In the province of Neuquén there are fixed and mobile posts of the Provincial Food Products Income Control (Cippa) that are not working due to lack of gas. This affects product inspection like meat and merchandise that enter through the provincial capital, Centenario and Barrancas.

Mónica Leiva, Cippa’s provincial worker director, explained in a conversation with this medium that control at the posts was interrupted “due to the lack of gas due to the interruption of fuel delivery by YPF.”

He pointed out that since May 2, requests have been made to provide heating but there have been no responses yet. He expressed that due to the low temperatures, the situation became unsustainable.

Leiva indicated that every morning at the permanent post in Neuquén Around 80 trucks are inspected. He stated that many of them They transport about 30 thousand kilos of meat.

They demanded from the group of workers that the provincial government intervene “for the immediate solution of the problem and continue working on the articulation of the links of the agri-food chain in pursuit of the health of the Neuquén population. The claim was spread by the state union ATE.

Leiva noted that the authorities confirmed that Electric heaters were going to be bought but they have not arrived yet. He said that they see “good will in resolving it” but the conflict still remains. One of the positions that is operating is Rincón de los Sauces.

The worker said that the measure not only affects permanent positions. She differentiated that on previous occasions, if there was a specific situation in some of the sites, it was temporarily shoveled with some of the mobile controls. But with the difficulty of not having heating, those devices are not working either.


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