River beat Tigre and remained as a guard in the Professional League

River beat Tigre and remained as a guard in the Professional League
River beat Tigre and remained as a guard in the Professional League

River, with a great performance by Miguel Borja who scored three goals, beat Tigre 3-1 at home and remained as the runner-up in the table that has Racing and Talleres de Córdoba as protagonists in first place for the fourth date of the Professional League.

10 minutes into the game, a series of rebounds in the area ended with a handball from Facundo Ferreyra inside it and referee Nazareno Arasa awarded a penalty in favor of River. Borja stood in front of the ball and scored 1-0.

At the end of the first half, Maroni also tied the game from twelve steps after crossing the shot to Franco Armani. The goalkeeper knocked down Blas Armoa in the area that caused the penalty that generated Tigre’s goal.

In just eight minutes into the match, Borja extended the lead on two occasions: the first was when he crossed the ball to Felipe Zenobio in a one-on-one match and the second was again from a penalty after a foul on Agustín Sant’Anna.

River reached 9 points, just one behind Racing and Talleres, and on the next day they will face Deportivo Riestra to close the first part of the tournament before the stoppage for the Copa América at the top of the table.

Synthesis of River vs. Tigre for the fourth date of the Professional League:

Professional League.
Date 4.
River 3-1 Tigre.
Stadium: The Monumental.
Referee: Nazarene Arasa.
VAR: Facundo Tello.

River: Franco Armani Agustín Sant’Anna, Sebastián Boselli, Paulo Díaz, Milton Casco; Matías Kranevitter, Nicolás Fonseca; Pablo Solari, Claudio Echeverri, Facundo Colidio; Miguel Borja. DT: Martin Demichelis.

Tiger: Felipe Zenobio; Martín Ortega, Tomas Fernandez, Kevin Lomónaco, Angelo Marchese; Martín Garay, Agustín Cardozo; Tomás Galván, Gonzalo Maroni, Blas Armoa; Facundo Ferreyra. DT: Sebastian Dominguez.

Goals in the first half: 13m Miguel Borja -penalty- (R); 48m Gonzalo Maroni -penalty- (T).

Goals in the second half: 8m Miguel Borja (R); 13m Miguel Borja -penalty- (R).

Changes in the first half: 36m Rodrigo Aliendro by Kranevitter (R).

Changes in the second half: at the beginning Esequiel Barco by Colidio (R); 14m Nicolás Contin for Ferreyra (T); 20m Franco Mastantuono by Echeverri (R); 24m Lorenzo Scipioni for Armoa (T); Santiago Simon for Sant’Anna (R); 25m Ignacio Fernández by Solari (R); 35m Ezequiel Forclaz by Marchese (T).

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