The use of chains in vehicles is mandatory to circulate in Alta Montaña: Prensa Gobierno de Mendoza

With the forecast of snowfall in the mountain area of ​​Mendoza, the Ministry of Security and Justice warns drivers about the obligation to carry chains in their vehicles. Experts emphasize the importance of adjusting chains properly depending on the vehicle model and provide recommendations to improve stability on slippery terrain.

The Ministry of Security and Justice reminds drivers of the obligation to carry chains in vehicles to circulate throughout the mountain area of ​​Mendoza. The measure is reinforced given the forecast of snowfall that is looming for next weekend throughout that region.

“Chains are essential for safety in adverse driving conditions. They must be adjusted to each vehicle model to guarantee their effectiveness,” the ministry specialists emphasized.

As explained by the experts, for front-wheel drive vehicles, the placement of this safety element on the front wheels is crucial to improve stability on slippery terrain. In the case of chassis-type trucks with a trailer or semi-trailer, it is recommended to install chains on all the rear wheels or, at least, on the left wheel to improve maneuverability.

In addition to carrying chains, drivers are advised to inform themselves about the weather before embarking on the trip and do so at low speeds to avoid destabilization.

It is also important to avoid sudden acceleration or braking, maintaining control of the vehicle using the steering wheel in case of loss of stability.



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