How to apply, link and key dates

How to apply, link and key dates
How to apply, link and key dates

The National Civil Service Commission (CNSC)designated by the Political Constitution in article 130, has as its main function the administration and supervision of the careers of public servantsexcept those of a special nature.

This state body, with autonomy, carries out merit contests for the appointment of officials who are not subject to specific appointment systems established by law, as provided in the article 125 of the Constitution.

In this new opportunity, More than 5,000 vacancies were opened, of which 60 are focused on the area of ​​teaching in the department of Antioquia, giving applicants the possibility of applying to the selection process ‘Antioquia 3’ through administrative career competition.

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What is the profile of the call?

It is important to note that these offers are focused only on professionals with a bachelor’s degree in education, between areas of knowledge found there are:

  • Physical.
  • Social Sciences.
  • Special education.
  • Children pedagogy.
  • Preschool.
  • Artistic education.

Vacancies and salaries of the CNSC in Antioquia

Applicants may apply for offers in different entities of the department, with salaries in accordance with the requirements of work and training experience.

Registration opens next July 10th in the following entities:

  • Mayor of La Ceja del Tambo: salary of $3,715,818
  • Colombian Polytechnic Jaime Isaza Cadavid: salary of $6,900,566
  • Government of Antioquia: salary of $6,900,567
  • Mayor of Marinilla: salary of $4,722,732
  • Colegio Mayor de Antioquia: salary of $6,505,860
  • Envigado Mayor’s Office: salary of $6,777,002
  • Mayor of Rionegro: salary of $7,361,198
  • Aburrá Valley Metropolitan Area: salary of $7,452,157
  • Mayor of El Carmen de Viboral: salary of $4,349,189
  • Municipal Institute of Physical Education, Sports and Recreation of Rionegro – IMER: salary of $5,762,499

It is important to note that in the aforementioned entities there is more than one vacancy, depending on the degree required and months of experience in the area.

How to register to apply for the call?

The CNSC indicated that to register you must create a user in the Support System for Equality, Merit and Opportunity-SIMO, through the following steps:

  • Consult the agreement and the annex in which the rules of the selection process are established, the CNSC website:
  • Enter the CNSC website and click on the Support System for Equality, Merit and Opportunity-SIMO or enter directly through
  • Register in the SIMO application, creating your username and password.
  • Upload your education and experience certificates. Identify the job that fits your profile and review the general information of the position (dependency, city or municipality, number of vacancies); purpose, functions of employment and specific requirements such as studies and experience.
  • Once you select the job of interest, click on the job confirmation button. You will be presented with payment options for participation rights.
  • After making the payment, you will need to confirm your registration on the button provided for it.


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