Lionel Scaloni: “Argentines are somewhat melancholic”

Lionel Scaloni: “Argentines are somewhat melancholic”
Lionel Scaloni: “Argentines are somewhat melancholic”

In the training and friendly stage prior to the Copa América in the United States, the great objective for the Argentine team, Lionel Scaloni gave an interview for Mexican television in which he had the special participation of a former soccer teammate, such as Maximiliano Rodríguez .

In a preview of what will be the complete report that the Telemundo channel will broadcast, some of the answers given by the world champion coach were known. In one of the questions, Scaloni referred to the friendlies that are coming up for the National Team, how the group absorbs the pressure of being the world champion and how he imagines playing without Lionel Messi.

“We can take on the pressure because we are used to playing. Argentina is going to play a friendly anywhere and has to face that match to win, but it is nice. Going out on the field, having won a World Cup that we haven’t done in a long time.” “We won it and knowing that you are the defending champion, it’s beautiful.”

Regarding the magnetism that Messi generates in every corner of the planet with his mere presence, the coach acknowledged that “it is not easy to be the continuous gaze of everyone.” And he gave an example: “We are training, Leo is there and all eyes are on him when the whole group is training here. And that has been for 20 years…”.

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Referring to a possible retirement of the 36-year-old Rosario idol, Scaloni made a reflection: “We Argentines are melancholy, we are already thinking about the day he is gone, when he is still playing. So, let’s enjoy it and we’ll see tomorrow. The present he has is so important, not only for Argentina but that Leo plays for the one who likes football… But one day it will happen.”

On the other hand, the Argentine coach explained that it is very difficult for him to assemble the team for the upcoming preparatory duels (6/9 against Ecuador and 6/14 against Guatemala) with such little work time. “We will seek the minimum risk in friendly matches,” he said.

More phrases from DT

– How much changed after winning the World Cup: “I’m still the same, but I can’t go places I’d love to go anymore.”

– The Paris Olympic Games: “I did not have the opportunity to play them, I was left out and it is something that cannot be deprived of the players. As coach of the Senior National Team, under no circumstances am I going to deprive those who want to go. If the club lets them and the coach wants , perfect”.

– What do you think of Mexico as a rival: “We always respect Mexico. I consider it to be a very difficult rival and at that time with Tata (Martino) they were fine.”

– The hunger of the national team: “Our players are always concerned about winning and competing. I am more concerned about how my players arrive… The Argentine soccer player has always had that, the desire to be there and compete.”

– The influence of the coach on the team: “I am one of those who thinks that the group sometimes pulls on the leaders, Leo (Messi), Fideo (Di María) and Otamendi, who are the ones who have been there the longest and want to continue being there and they show it because when the “You take them out, or you don’t call them up, or they miss a game due to injury or whatever, they want to continue being there.”

-His friendship with Maxi Rodríguez: “The story with Maxi goes back a long time. In addition to football, there is family affection, I know his entire family and we have the love for having trained at Newell’s all our lives.”

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