Talleres’ 1×1 in the victory against Colón for the Argentine Cup

Talleres’ 1×1 in the victory against Colón for the Argentine Cup
Talleres’ 1×1 in the victory against Colón for the Argentine Cup

Talleres beat Colón 1-0, in Rosario, for the Argentine Cup and reached the round of 16 of the competition. The only goal of the game was scored by Federico Girotti, who ended up being the star of the team.

This is the 1×1 of Talleres with the scores of the players in the victory over Colón

HERRERA (7). Two key blocks in the first half, when the Sabaleros barracks threw thunder bombs into his area and harassed him. And two others in the ST.

BENAVIDEZ (6). Good in the first half, projecting on his side and winning the duels against Castet. In the second he was diluted.

BLANKET (5). He had no major problems controlling Leguizamón and playing when necessary.

SUAREZ (6). Firm on the mark and well on top.

NAVARRO (6). Well on Sabella’s mark, throwing himself to the ground and using the diagonal when necessary when projecting.

JC PORTILLO (7). A lion in the middle, recovering, putting in, managing and even assisting when necessary.

M. PORTILLO (6). He gave Girotti a precise corner for the Albiazul goal, at the end of the PT. He was replaced at the beginning of the ST due to some discomfort.

BOTTA (5). He always asked for it and showed himself, but he lacked continuity in his game and divided some balls unnecessarily.

BARTICCIOTTO (5). He ran a lot, but he was not influential as a striker, the role Ribonetto gave him last night.

MARTINEZ (6). He had a good PT with speed and daring, but in the complement his performance declined.

GIROTTI (8). In the PT he had it to score with a header at 37m and it went “there”. And in the same way, from a corner, he put the “T” ahead at the end of the quarter. He detected weaknesses in the middle of the Sabalera area. He was able to make another header in the ST.

PORTAL (6). It helped to hold on in the middle. He entered for M. Portillo.

ALBARRACÍN. He came in when Botta “clapped”.

RUIZ RODRIGUEZ. A couple of overflows and nothing more.

GALARZA. He played little, replaced Martínez.

The TV summary of the 1-0 of Talleres sobre Colón

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