Minhacienda announced the increase in the price of diesel in Colombia for large consumers

Minhacienda announced the increase in the price of diesel in Colombia for large consumers
Minhacienda announced the increase in the price of diesel in Colombia for large consumers

The Minister of Finance, Ricardo Bonilla, reported that he will increase the price of diesel for large consumers in Colombia.

Furthermore, Bonilla pointed out that the increase, as announced in April, will have certain conditions differential rate to exclude mass transportation passenger vehicles from the increase and those who move the food.

According to Bonilla, the deficit in the Fuel Price Stabilization Fund has caused a burden that seriously affects the finances of the State and according to the Minhacienda accounts, In 2022, 26 billion pesos were paid to Ecopetrol for this concept.

Although this measure is not new, the implementation of the increase in diesel will be accelerated to contain the crisis and is in addition to the cut of 20 billion pesos to the Budget, announced by the Government.

“This is not the time for the Government to have these subsidies, the measure would be aimed at companies that exceed 20,000 gallons of fuel, that is, oil companies, coal companies and those that drive large trucks,” he explained.

To make the adjustment, Minister Bonilla indicated that it will be carried out through a decree that will update prices, in line with international rates, and that it will not affect mass transportation, nor to non-interconnected regions.

The Minister of Finance, Ricardo Bonilla


According to the minister, the decision affects oil and coal companies and those that operate large trucks and mass transportation passenger vehicles and food vehicles should be excluded from the increase.

​”The companies that are exempt are those in mass transportation and non-interconnected areas, which are also large consumers and move with diesel. It is something that is going to have an impact that is barely 6 or 7 percent. of the current diesel gap,” he explained.

​The minister did not confirm when the increase will be made since he mentioned that these decisions are in the process of discussion with the Ministry of Mines, but he did clarify that it will not be applied to gasoline pumps since these companies have their own logistics chain of fuel distribution.

“It is still not clear how much the increase is, or when it begins to apply. Since it is something that has to be finished discussing with the Ministry of Mines, They have already identified which consumers will be affected.“he noted.

The minister also said that this increase would not have to have a possible negative reaction from the transporters.

“Taxi drivers and truck drivers are overstating the issue because they transport all types of goods and not just food,” he said.

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