mayor of Cali pro

mayor of Cali pro
mayor of Cali pro

The leader of the Cali people, Alejandro Eder, expressed concern about the situation in Valle del Cauca and the recent attack in the aforementioned municipality.

The inhabitants of the department are experiencing moments of tension Cauca’s Valley in the face of the attack that occurred in the municipality of Jamundi which left three citizens injured, including a civilian and two members of the Police (a police officer and a patrol car).

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The mayor of Cali, Alejandro Ederexpressed concern about the case and stated that its main objective is “to shield Cali and contribute to the security of the Valley for the people of Cali and the people of Valle del Cauca.”

Given this panorama, he considered it essential to “dismantle” the networks that support terrorism and aim to reduce crime rates in this area to safeguard the integrity of the inhabitants.

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“300 police officers arrived in January, we needed more soldiers, 400 have already arrived, another 250 are on the way, but there is still a need,” said the leader in dialogue with Blu Radio.

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“We in Cali We are not sparing efforts in anything to guarantee the safety first and foremost of the people of Cali,” the president concluded.

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