Former Al Día newspaper seller dies after being

Former Al Día newspaper seller dies after being
Former Al Día newspaper seller dies after being

The popular ‘Chiqui’ as she was known María del Rosario Romero Villamizardied after being run over by a motorcycle on Calle 16b with Carrera 10, between the Gaitán neighborhood and the Center of Valledupar.

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The accident happened this Friday morning when the motorcycle of ONS-45F plates, hit this elderly woman who was crossing the street and she died immediately after suffering a severe blow to the head.

After these events they immediately arrived police units and agents of the Municipal Transit Secretariat, to begin the respective investigation as well as the removal of the body.

Authorities linked to the case indicated that the sector security cameras to find out what happened, whether it was recklessness on the part of the motorcyclist or the pedestrian.

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This woman had earned the affection of the people in the neighborhoods of the central area of ​​Valledupar; From her youth she dedicated herself to selling hair clips, hair clips, and also newspapers like Al Día.

He also used to play bingo in the casinos on 17th Street with the money he earned.
It was also established that he resided in the Obrero neighborhood of this capital. His death has caused shock in the community that asks the authorities to investigate the matter.

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