They ask to decree Araucanía as an agricultural catastrophe area

They ask to decree Araucanía as an agricultural catastrophe area
They ask to decree Araucanía as an agricultural catastrophe area

Although the rains have declined in the province of Malleco, La Araucanía Region, the authorities have maintained the red alert. The same measure remains without interruption in the communes of Carahue and Pitrufquén in the province of Cautín, due to the flooding of the Toltén and Imperial rivers.

The latest balance after an overflight shows 2,315 isolated people, 99 victims, 20 sheltered, 485 homes with minor damage, 189 with major damage and one house destroyed, mainly in the communes of Angol and Renaico.

With the decline in rainfall – which left a surplus of 86% of water – it has been evident damage to agriculture and small livestock, For this reason, the central level is being requested to declare an emergency zone for the region as a result of the climatic event.

“We have a history of damage, especially in families whose subsistence economy is the peasant family economy and that even animals have been damaged, due to not having concentrate, due to the flooding of the greenhouses themselves,” indicated the presidential delegate of the region, José Montalva.

At the moment, emergency teams are working to provide solutions to those who have suffered. flooding of their homes.

Subsequently, the municipal teams will carry out a survey of the forage and supplementary feed needs for animals, who have been affected by the lack of food due to the floods.

Added to the above are other early aids, such as Electronic Pocket for the purchase of materials for damage to homes and the recovery bonus for the loss of belongings.

Meanwhile, the director of the regional National Disaster Prevention and Response Service (Senapred), Janet Medranoexplained that “this window that we are having without precipitation, we will only be able to have it until Monday.”

“The Meteorological Directorate has issued warnings regarding precipitation, also possible snowfall in the mountain area and wind. The rainfall mainly in the coastal and valley areas of our region should affect our area from Monday and A preventive early warning was declared for the province of Cautín given that Malleco already has a previous alert level,” Medrano added.

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