Scandal in the Argentine Air Force: soldiers held a celebration with half-naked women in a Mendoza Brigade

Scandal in the Argentine Air Force: soldiers held a celebration with half-naked women in a Mendoza Brigade
Scandal in the Argentine Air Force: soldiers held a celebration with half-naked women in a Mendoza Brigade

The incident occurred on Thursday and was recorded on video. Those involved received sanctions and the Defense area apologized for what happened.

A video recently spread on social networks left the Argentina air force involved in a great scandal, which had consequences that ranged from sanctions on some of its members up to orders public apologies by its authorities. What generated the controversy was a recording that shows a celebration held in the last few hours between some of its members, in which there was dances and half-naked women.

Those involved are soldiers who serve in the IV Air Brigade from Mendoza, who last Thursday held an advance celebration for Father’s Day. This took place in the vicinity of one of the force’s properties located in the district of The Algarrobal, Las Heras.

The living room of Noncommissioned Officer Casino It was the place chosen for the event, which began to develop completely normally as in other previous editions. However, according to local media, everything got out of control when The leaders of the Brigade left the room and a few minutes later they re-entered accompanied to continue the celebration, but in another tone.

Together with them, they entered two women and an entertainer, who were in charge of adding a party mood to a celebration that, it was expected, would be rather quiet. Suddenly, the participants they played music and the organizer began to encourage the participants to dance and interact with the two girls who had gone with him. They were both dressed scantily.: They wore a Carioca-type costume, glitter, masks and carnival crowns.

The dance between a soldier and one of the women in the Argentine Air Force

Consequently, the uniformed officers who were there got up from their seats and joined in with the animator’s instructions, starting to dance with the young women in the middle of the room prepared for the Father’s Day celebration. This sequence was recorded in several videos that went viral at the beginning of this weekend on social networks, causing outrage among users.

The images show several soldiers moving and shaking with the women, having a certain body contact. Furthermore, at one point, the soldiers performed push-ups in front of their colleagues with the dancers on top of them, in order to demonstrate how much weight they could lift.

Based on the videos released, the force authorities took action on the matter and proceeded to identify them to then provide sanctions against those mainly responsible and involved in the act. Likewise, from the official channels of the Argentine Air Force they made a public apology and communicated the steps to follow.

One of the fragments of the video released

“Regarding the events that occurred, inappropriate and indecent behavior could be observed, not consistent with the use of the uniform or the values ​​of the Institution, by a small group of military personnel,” they wrote in a first tweet from the area, referring to to the videos recorded in the IV Brigade.

In another post, they added: “The Air Force reports that what happened was on Thursday, June 13, after a camaraderie lunch without the presence or knowledge of the authorities, the personnel were already identified and sanctioned for very serious offenses.” Although in the statement they did not specify what they will be, later the Mendoza media Mendoza Post He reported that seven of them had been warned for what happened.

All those who received consequences serve in the position of non-commissioned officers: four of these are the oldest and will be transferred to “mandatory withdrawal” while the remaining others will apply “serious sanctions” that have not yet been defined by the authorities.

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