968 MW of blackouts reported in Cuba with the forecast of imminent improvement

968 MW of blackouts reported in Cuba with the forecast of imminent improvement
968 MW of blackouts reported in Cuba with the forecast of imminent improvement

The Electrical Union (UNE) of Cuba reported blackouts due to a deficit of 968 MW on Friday, with an improvement forecast for this Saturday.

According to the report shared on Facebook, the impact due to a deficit in generation capacity continued 24 hours a day and in the early hours of this Saturday the service could not be restored. The maximum impact was at 8:30 pm.

This day, at 7:00 am, the availability of the national electricity system (SEN) was 2180 MW and the demand was 2450 MW, with 294 MW affected. The forecast for midday was a maximum impact of 800 MW.

For peak hour, there must be an availability of 2,660 MW and a maximum demand of 3,100 MW, for a deficit of 440 MW, so the forecast is an impact of 510 MW, lower than that of the morning.

Capture of Facebook / Unión Eléctrica UNE

At the time of writing this note, four blocks of three thermoelectric plants are out of service due to breakdowns, among them, block 1 of Felton, which experts from the Unión Eléctrica They believe it could restart its operations this Saturday.

In addition, two units of the CTE Santa Cruz and Nuevitas are under maintenance.

On the other hand, 41 distributed generation plants are out of service due to lack of fuel and there are 364 WW affected by limitations in thermal generation.

The Felton went out of the system on Thursday due to a boiler break and the Technicians are working to get it up and running this Saturday.

The boiler entry operation was scheduled for Friday around 4:00 am, with a temperature suitable for the technicians’ work.

In the midst of the current crisis, the failure that occurred at the Holguin thermoelectric plant had a considerable impact on the distribution of electrical energy, mainly in the eastern region, since it caused a frequency trip that affected line 5545, which feeds the circuits belonging to the municipality of Bartolomé Masó and the La Curva Substation, in Granma.

The Electric Company of that province warned that impacts would occur “outside the rotation schedule planned by the blocks.”

“The circuits will have an impact on the electrical service of six hours, and with electrical service of three hours depending on the behavior and availability of the country’s electrical generation,” he explained.

On Thursday, the blackouts due to a deficit in generation capacity lasted 24 hours and the next day at dawn the service had still not been able to be restored. For On Friday, the UNE announced deficit cuts of almost 1,000 MW at peak hours.

The breakdown occurred in unit 1 of the facility due to a “puncture” in the tubes on the left side wall, just over three meters high.

“Identify damaged pipes (pipes) and carry out change or welding operations, a core task. If everything goes well, it is likely that the unit will restart operations on Saturday,” said the UNE.

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