This is how the city celebrates Atlético’s first star

This is how the city celebrates Atlético’s first star
This is how the city celebrates Atlético’s first star

After 75 years of history, Atlético Bucaramanga achieved its first star in the final of Colombian professional soccer by defeating Independiente Santa Fe at the El Campín Stadium in a penalty shootout.

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Atlético Bucaramanga secured its place in Colombian football history with a final score of 6-5, triggering euphoria among its numerous fans. They celebrated after the victory in the first leg at the Alfonso López stadium – home of ‘the Leopardos’ – and another victory in the final on June 15.

After the score was tied 5-5, both teams faced each other in a penalty shootout, in which the ‘Bucaros’ managed to overcome the cardinal team. Aldair Quintana was the goalkeeper who stopped the seventh penalty taken by Julián Millan. The seventh penalty, taken by Christian Camilo Torres, sealed the final victory for the ‘Leopards’ with a score of 6-5.

The fans were excited to receive their first star.


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This is how the first star of the Leopards was celebrated

A large number of Atlético Bucaramanga fans gathered, both in the capital and in their own city, to celebrate the long-awaited victory.

On the other hand, the mayor of Bucaramanga, Jaime Andrés Beltrán, moved by the passion of his city, joined the celebration and decreed Monday as a civic day.

The Reaction of ‘the Lions’

This is how the fans of Independiente Santa Fe, rival of Atlético Bucaramanga in the final, experienced the defeat that deprived them of achieving their tenth star in Colombian soccer.


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