Tropical storm generates rock slides in Ziruma, Santa Marta

Tropical storm generates rock slides in Ziruma, Santa Marta
Tropical storm generates rock slides in Ziruma, Santa Marta

In the early hours of this Saturday, Santa Marta has been under intense rain that has generated a series of complications in different areas of the city.

Bus drivers and other vehicles that use the road to El Rodadero are driving with extreme caution due to a rock slide that originated in Ziruma, due to heavy rains, caused by an intense tropical storm that is hitting the Colombian Caribbean.

Neighborhoods of Santa Marta have reported severe damage to their streets, the floods have caused traffic chaos and have made access to different residential and commercial areas difficult.

In the Gaira district, specifically in the Malibú field, the water has flooded completely the area, preventing any sporting activity and affecting the community that uses this recreational space.

The situation is even more critical on Avenida del Ferrocarril, near the Public Market, where the sanitary sewage system has begun to emanate stinking water. This problem is seriously affecting the commercial sector, with sellers and residents enduring the bad smell and risk of illness due to water contamination.

The lack of adequate maintenance and insufficient cleaning of the hydrosanitary networks have been pointed out as the main causes of this situation, generating an urgent call to the authorities to take immediate measures.

Faced with this scenario, the community and local authorities are on alert. Emergency teams are working to unclog roads affected by landslides and accumulations of water, while cleaning work is being carried out in the most critical areas. Citizens, for their part, are collaborating with the authorities, reporting any incidents and taking preventive measures to protect their homes and businesses.


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