Potosí Catholic Church asks Morena to respect plurality in the country – El Sol de San Luis

Potosí Catholic Church asks Morena to respect plurality in the country – El Sol de San Luis
Potosí Catholic Church asks Morena to respect plurality in the country – El Sol de San Luis

Although the official party obtained a “full victory” in the electoral process, the plurality of the country must be respected and listen to those who think differently, he noted Tomas Cruz Peralesspokesperson for the Archdiocese of San Luis Potosí, who said he hopes that the possible reform of the Judiciary is not a vehicle for there also Brunette have a majority.

After In the elections, Morena won the Presidency of the Republicand majority of spaces in the Senate and the Chamber of Deputies, Cruz Perales indicated that “even though The ruling party has the ‘complete car’ it also has to do with the fact that there is a plurality in our Mexico and I hope it is also open to the possibility of other thoughts, other ideas.”

He stated that despite the difference in ideologiesHE must seek the common goodwhich is why he also said he hopes that even though the opposition was limited in terms of quantity, it will remain as a counterweight, “due to numbers it is very difficult, but hopefully plurality will be respected and common sense will be sought.”

He also referred to the possible reform of the Judiciarywhere he pointed out that one of the qualities that those who occupy the positions of deputies, is to be “thinking, discerning people”as he recalled that even within Morena there are different ideological currents.

In that sense, he said he hoped that with this plurality, “tend to ensure that it is not shielded by a dictator but on the contrary, with the thought and discernment of each of the Powers that is so needed in our Mexico,” as he warned that It would be regrettable if the election of judges and magistrates by vote were implementedand thus giving “complete support” to the party in power, as has just happened in this election.

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Cruz Perales pointed out that “as a Church we ask for our authorities and those who govern us, it is what we desire and want, at the end of the day The population elected this government and we must support them and move forward“.

He recalled that the Church presented the agenda for peace, and although as a candidate Claudia Sheinbaum signed the commitment with reservationsthe priest noted that “it is about working for safety and it is about reducing this terrible violence that still persists and unfortunately was very noticeable in this electoral process, where many people died, including candidates.”

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