Daniel Llanos took victory in the Picún Leufú Rally

Showing great regularity, Daniel Llanos from Bariloche took the victory on the General and on the A6 of the Picún Leufu Rallycorresponding to the fourth date of the contest organized by APPRyN Sur.

At the helm of his VW Polo, Llanos, navigated by Federico Centani, covered the 90.20 km of speed in 54m45s9 and surpassed the Ford Fiesta Kinetic of the RC5 of Adrián Altamirano, for 8s6. Third was another man from Bariloche, Jonathan Bastidas (Ford Fiesta on the A6), which arrived 17s8 behind its countryman.

They completed the first ten of the General: Rojas, Skruta, Ferraro, Fossatti, Lovagnini, Beltrán and Galli Pujato. With Llanos y Bastidas at the top of the A6, the podium of this division was completed by Miguel Carbonell – Ezequiel Adaro (Fiat Palio), who reached 5m28s9.

For Daniel Llanos it was the first victory in the General since it returned to activity back in March 2023, in Aluminé. Instead, it was the second consecutive win on the A6since he had just dominated the Añelo rally on the previous date.

The winners in the other categories

The one who scored his first victory in the brand new RC5 was the zapalino Adrian Altamirano (Ford Fiesta Kinetic). With the navigation of Julián Fernández Igartúa he led by 23s9 to Peter Skruta – Ulises Agesta (Ford Fiesta). Third, at 29s5, another man from Bariloche arrived, Juan Pablo Ferraro (Peugeot 208) that raced with Luis María De Elías as navigator.

After winning the first stage in the General classification on Saturday, Gustavo Rojas (VW Gol), had no problems staying with the A5. Navigated by his son Joaquín, he surpassed in the divisional Javier Escuredo (VW Gol), which reached 5m32s3. The category podium was completed by Pablo Lattanzio (VW Gol), who finished at 8m10s4. Rojas won all four races of the year on the A5.

The binomial Luis Beltran – Lucas Beltrán (Ford Fiesta Kinetic) returned to activity after a long time and took the victory in N2. The Beltráns prevailed over Maximiliano Galli Pujato (Ford Fiesta) for 10s4. Third arrived Matias Avila (Ford Ka), at 32s9.

On the A7 he excelled and climbed to the top of the podium Claudio Simonelli (VW Goal). With Camila Pilquimán in the right seat, they marked big differences over the second, who ended up being Cristian Zuñiga (Renault 18). The difference between the first and the second was 7m50s7. Third arrived Emiliano Corsini (Seat Ibiza), at 33m06s3. It was Simonelli’s third victory of the year.

In the N2L he returned to victory Claudio Bustos (Ford Fiesta), who had won the first date in Senillosa. With the navigation of Agustín Pinoche, they surpassed Leandro Martínez (Fiesta) by 1m16s3 and Diego Orellana (Ford Ka) by 2m12s6.

Others who returned to victory were Nicolas Ochoa – Sabrina Fagán (VW Gol), who already has three wins in the N1. In the tightest race of the weekend, they were just 1s9 ahead of the fast Matias Nimo (VW Gacel) and for 31s to Damián Navarrete (Chevrolet Corsa).

In the A1 the debutant won Alejandro Zambon (Ford Ka Viral). Sailed by Darío Vázquez, they arrived with a wide margin of 1m25s9 over Manuel Bajeneta (Ka) and 6m37s2 about Tomas Garrido (Fiat 147).

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