Is there an ANSES bonus in July?

Is there an ANSES bonus in July?
Is there an ANSES bonus in July?

The National Institute of Statistics and Censuses of the Argentine Republic (INDEC) published last Thursday the inflation rate for May. This data, as anticipated by the Government, will determine the next increase in July for retirees who receive payments through the National Social Security Administration (Anses). However, will the $70,000 bonus be repeated?

This increase will also affect the payments of the Universal Child Allowance (AUH), the Universal Pregnancy Allowance (AUE) and other groups that receive benefits through this organization.

Starting in July, the new mobility formula (Decree 274/24) will come into full force, which contemplates monthly adjustments. Both retirements and pensions and allocations will be adjusted according to the Consumer Price Index corresponding to the month of May.

The National Institute of Statistics and Censuses (INDEC) reported that inflation for the month of May stood at 4.2%. This index represents a notable slowdown compared to the 8.8% recorded in April and also marks a reduction compared to the 11% in March.

Like last month, monthly inflation remains in single digits, something that has not been observed since October of last year.

Consequently, retirees and other beneficiaries receiving payments through Anses will see an increase of 4.2%:

Until June 2024, retirees experienced increases that raised the minimum asset to $206,931, not counting additional bonuses.

With the inflation rate confirmed at 4.2%, in July retirees will receive an increase that will raise the minimum asset to $215,622, without including additional bonuses.

Will there be a BONUS in JULY for RETIRED people from Anses?

According to the lawyer specialized in pension issues, Tamara Bezares, it was confirmed that there will be an additional bonus in July for retirees and pensioners.

“The amount will be $70,000 again to match this month’s value,” Bezares explained in an interview for Crónica HD. In addition, it is expected that, as in previous months, there will be a smaller variable bonus for those retirees who receive more than a minimum salary but less than approximately $280,000.

Anses Retirees Calendar in July

Retirees who receive the minimum salary:

Documents ending in 0: July 8

Documents ending in 1: July 10

Documents ending in 2: July 11

Documents ended in 3: July 12

Documents finished at 4: July 15

Documents finished at 5: July 16

Documents finished at 6:17 July

Documents finished at 7:18 July

Documents finished at 8:19 July

Documents finished at 9:22 July

Retirees who receive more than the minimum salary:

Documents ending in 0 and 1: July 23

Documents ending in 2 and 3: July 24

Documents ending in 4 and 5: July 25

Documents ending in 6 and 7: July 26

Documents ending in 8 and 9: July 29

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