Fine for bikers that already amounts to $650,000: I only make an appearance at this time

Fine for bikers that already amounts to $650,000: I only make an appearance at this time
Fine for bikers that already amounts to $650,000: I only make an appearance at this time

Motorcycles are the most prone to this harsh fine that affects many citizens.

There is a fine that affects both motorcyclists and cyclists alike if they do not comply with the use of within established hours or under certain weather conditions.

In the case of motorcycles, the reflective vest It must have the vehicle license plate number. The rule also covers the companion, who must comply with various security measuressuch as the use of a helmet, among others.

This is in addition to mandatory use of turn signals and front and rear lights on certain roads.

However, in relation to the reflective vest, the fine for not wearing said garment is 650 thousand pesosapplicable between 6 in the afternoon and 6 in the morningor if weather conditions hinder vision.

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It should be noted that all motorcycle users can check if they have outstanding fines or if they are not up to date with the payment of taxes through the official portals of the Single National Traffic Registry, the page of the Mobility Secretariat of the corresponding city, or the Integrated Information System of Fines and Sanctions for Traffic Violations, where you can find out if there are pending payments by simply including the license plate number. vehicle.

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According to Article 30 of the National Land Traffic Code of Colombia, every motorcyclist must carry a road kit As minimum. This kit must include the following items:

* A cat with the ability to raise the vehicle: The jack must be the appropriate size for your motorcycle and be in good working order.

* a crosshead: The crosshead is used to loosen and tighten wheel nuts.

* Screwdrivers: Phillips and bit screwdrivers are needed to perform various basic repairs.

* Keys: Hex, Allen and open-end wrenches are needed to adjust different components of the motorcycle.

* Tweezers: Pliers are used for cutting cables, holding parts and other purposes.

* pliers: The plier is used for cutting cables, stripping wires and other purposes.


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