Daily Cooper approaches Paris › Sports › Granma

Daily Cooper approaches Paris › Sports › Granma
Daily Cooper approaches Paris › Sports › Granma

Daily Cooper almost qualified directly for the Paris 2024 Olympic Games, after winning with a personal best and record for the event of 1:59.40 minutes in the 800 meters at the Troyes Aube International Athletic Meeting, in France.

The Cuban was ten-tenths of a second away from getting a ticket to the summer event; However, this result – first place in a bronze category event – ​​should add valuable points to the ranking that will allow him to enter privileged positions. Before this Rally, Cooper was in 49th place, with 1,194 units.

In the 800 meters in Paris, 48 ​​athletes will compete, of which 32 have already secured their presence by falling below the required 1:59.30, and another 16 would complete the quotas due to their location in the ranking – it is worth clarifying that each National Olympic Committee can classify a maximum of three athletes per event.

In Troyes, the Cuban Rose Mary Almanza (qualified for the great event) finished in third position, with 2:01.73, behind the Brazilian Flavia de Lima (2:00.92).

Roxana Gómez dominated the return to the oval, with a time of 50.69 seconds for the race, the best of the year for her. She was followed by Anabelle Medina (dom-52.65) and Camille Seri (fra-52.72).

Likewise, Yoandys Lescay lowered the 45.60 he had set as his season record by 12 tenths (45.48), to place himself in second place.

Sprinters Shainer Reginfo and Yunisleidy García reached third and fourth place in the hectometer, respectively. The national record holder of the hundred meters this time set a time of 10.28 seconds, while García registered 11.54.

Prior to this competition, Yunisleidy García was in the classification zone by ranking (No. 43-1 205 points). In the case of the hundred meters, 56 runners will obtain a ticket (26 have already achieved it directly).

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