Interpol issued an alert for Loan, the Army is looking for him and they offered a reward of $5 million

Interpol issued an alert for Loan, the Army is looking for him and they offered a reward of $5 million
Interpol issued an alert for Loan, the Army is looking for him and they offered a reward of $5 million

Interpol issued an alert for Loan

Concern over the whereabouts of Loan Danilo Peña, The 5-year-old boy who disappeared on June 13 in Corrientes is growing as the hours go by. This morning, the Army joined the search operation in the town of 9 de Julio, at the request of the prosecutor in charge of the case, Juan Carlos Castillo. “The request arrived last night, after the Ministry of Defense made itself available,” they explained from the portfolio that directs Luis Petri to Infobae.

In this way, they arrived at the area members of the 12th Engineer Battalion of Goya. According to the information released by Defense, they were assigned a search area in the joint operation coordinated by the Ministry of Security of Corrientes, in charge of Buenaventura Duarte.

The epicenter of the search is National Route 123, in the vicinity of 9 de Julio, where police and firefighters have already inspected several homes. After finding new clues, it was decided to expand the radius: this Sunday footprints, fecal matter and vomit were found in an area known as Estancia Las Lagunas, sources confirmed.

This evidence would not be more than two days old and the footprints would be the size of a minor person’s feet, he indicated. The Coast. This Saturday, a sneaker had been found that Loan’s parents claimed belonged to the child.

The troops of the Goya Battalion work together with the Corrientes Police

“We are organizing a rake at Estancia La Laguna where 600 troops will survey the area. It is going to be intense work throughout the day where we hope to find the minor,” Duarte told the press.

The procedure is carried out on foot, with drones, a helicopter, two planes and paragliders. “We are looking for him alive, we hope so. Due to the characteristics that were reported to us, we are going down that path, we pray. We want you to keep walking to find it“Alberto Molina, Chief of the Corrientes Police, told the press. “We ask for peace of mind from society and the family. “Until we find Loan, we are not going to stop the search.”he assured.

The official highlighted that, although several hectares have already been raked, “no terrain is ruled out” when explaining that the minor could be disoriented and could take any path.

Loan is searched on foot, with drones, paragliders and a helicopter

On the other hand, the Ministry of National Security announced the offer of a reward of 5 million pesos. Leticia Riscocoordinator of the Federal Search System for Missing and Missing Persons (SIFEBU), reported that, while the searches continue, a reward of $5 million was raised for people who have information about the minor’s whereabouts.

Likewise, Interpol announced a yellow alert for neighboring countries and, in this way, reinforce the search for Loan.

From the official Interpol website, it is indicated that a yellow alert “is used in order to collaborate in the location of missing persons, commonly minors, or in the identification of people who are incapable of identifying themselves.”

Upon activation of the program Sofia Alert from the Ministry of National Security, in coordination with the Federal Search System for Missing and Missing Persons (SIFEBU), the image and details of the minor were immediately disseminated on social networks and the media. At the same time, the Gendarmerie and Federal Police, federal security forces, were also called to find the child as soon as possible.

On the other hand, firefighters and police from nearby provinces such as Between Ríos, Misiones and Santa Fe They also carry out a search in their territory.

They activated the Sofia Alert due to the disappearance of Loan, 5 years old

Loan was last seen in the Algarrobal area. He is almost one meter tall, weighs 26 kilos, has a dark complexion, dark brown hair and brown eyes. Furthermore, he has a scar on his head, where he also has a swirl.

According to the story of Loan’s father, José Peña, the boy left his grandmother’s house, where he had gone for the first time, to look for oranges. He was accompanied by his cousins ​​- also minors – and three people, who were arrested and charged with abandonment of person.

It is about his uncle and a man and a woman who are a couple who are friends of the latter. “The woman is a housewife and her partner is an employee of a company, who was now on leave. The other is a changarín and some would have a record for the crime of cattle rustling,” Molina explained.

“This qualification was determined by the testimony of the father who was investigated in the last few hours”Duarte detailed in dialogue with the press. Meanwhile, the Minister pointed out that the boys who were next to Loan told what happened in the Gesell Camera: “The result is that The boy went alone to a different place when he returned to his grandmother’s house and got lost there”.

Both the Minister of Security and the Chief of Police highlighted that the 5-year-old minor had left alone and that He does not know how to return to his grandmother’s house “since it was the first time he went.”

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