Crown workers demand salary increase – ADN

Crown workers demand salary increase – ADN
Crown workers demand salary increase – ADN

(ADN).- Self-convened workers of the Casino del Río demand better salaries and denounce poor working conditions. They denounce that neither the company Crown SA nor the Aleara union (Gaming Workers Union) take their claims. They even denounce “pressures” and “harassment.”

Javier Ruttia heads a group of workers who do not feel represented by the union, and promotes together with other employees, a claim that has been trying to be made visible for months.

«As employees of Casinos del Río (Crown SA enterprises) where we have been self-convening for a couple of months now due to the lack of closing of 2023 joint ventures and beginning of new 2024 joint ventures in the month of May, we decided to send our salary claim again and extend it by spreading our terrible salary and working conditions due to the lack of empathy towards us on the part of the company’s directors,” they indicated in a statement.

Crown is in charge of the casino floors of Cipolletti, Roca, Viedma, El Cóndor, Las Grutas, Catriel, Regina, Cinco Saltos and Choele Choel.

The workers denounce that at the location in the city of Valle Medio, “they have decided to close the gaming area, leaving only what is known as slot machines operating, leaving our colleagues without work.”

On the other hand, they requested that “the Aleara union and the company try to avoid pressure and harassment towards us,” and said that “these layoffs are to continue generating fear… so that we do not demand decent salaries.”

«We say enough of fear and we begin to make visible how we have fallen behind in our salaries, having in front of us a powerful gambling company that raises fortunes with online gambling, the 20% recharges when the client uses debit or credit cards to play”.

The workers also denounced “irregularities from the HR area of ​​the city of Viedma.” “We continue without support from the Secretary of Labor and Lottery of Río Negro, showing clear complicity in not taking action on the matter,” they added. They also pointed out: “we see how other unions today the floor of their basics are close to figures that range from $800 thousand onwards, an example of this is that we have colleagues grouped under the gastronomic union where each increase achieved is remunerated by Crown ventures, for “We do not understand that as today we continue to hear from the employers and the Aleara union that they cannot give us raises because of the construction of the new casino soon to be inaugurated in Viedma.”

“We demand a real restructuring of our salaries to provide our families with stability in line with the daily life that each worker needs,” they concluded.

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