More than 800 million Cuban pesos without inspection by the ONAT in just 4 months

Tax evasion in Cuba amounts to more than 800 million Cuban pesos in the first four months of the year, reported the National Tax Administration Office (ONAT).

According to the official newspaper Granma, given these scandalous figures, at all costs we must “reduce evasive behavior and indiscipline in the payment of taxes in Cuba.” If in just four months of 2024 the entity stopped supervising that millionaire, the embezzlements throughout the year will be immense.

The National Tax Administration Office (ONAT) thus detected a worrying level of tax evasion in the first four months of 2024. Preliminary figures reveal that the total amount exceeds 800 million pesos, which represents serious damage to the finances of the state, according to the ruling party.

To “stop” these tax evasion, the government insists that citizen collaboration is crucial to report any indication of tax evasion. The ONAT has made various channels available to the population to make these complaints, with the guarantee that the confidentiality of the identity of the complainant will be maintained.

In this case there were 800 million pesos of tax evasion for ONAT, but the reality could be much worse.

ONAT and tax evasion of 800 million pesos. Regulated without being able to leave Cuba

Belkis Pino Hernández, First Deputy Head of the ONAT, revealed the various factors that contribute to the alarming tax evasion that the country is facing in just four months, with more than 800 million Cuban pesos.

He spoke of “outdating, manipulation or alteration of financial records” or “cancellations of accounts receivable without documentary support.” Also the non-declaration of the contracted workforce, something that facilitates the evasion of payroll and social security taxes.

In this regard, Judith Navarro Ricardo, a specialist from the Legal Directorate of the ONAT, highlighted some of the measures against evasion, such as the withdrawal of authorizations for certain economic activities, proceeding to seize assets to guarantee the payment of tax debts or They regulate departures from the country, limiting debtors from leaving the island.

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