Osorio repeats victory in the third stage, Contreras maintains the lead

EsCiclismo.com · Road Competition · 06/17/2024

Alejandro Osorio, Colombian cyclist from the GW-Erco-Shimano team, has repeated victory in the third stage of the 74th edition of the Vuelta a Colombia, a 168.6 kilometer day held this Monday between the Colombian towns of Cota and Mariquita.

Osorio, who already won the previous day, won the sprint at the arrival in Mariquita ahead of fellow Colombians Sergio Luis Henao (Nu Colombia) and Juan Tito Rendón (Orgullo Paisa).

“The victory came thanks to God. Carlos and Robinson sacrificed themselves for me. The whole team supported me and thanks to them I achieved victory. I didn’t expect Henao to hold on to me at the end, but in a very strong runner. When I saw that “I was coming to wheel, I opened up, he launched himself and wheeled to the death to the finish line,” explained Osorio, who dedicated the victory to his father.

The Colombian Rodrigo Contreras (Nu Colombia), who donned the leader’s yellow jersey after a notable demonstration of strength in the prologue time trial stage last Friday, remained at the head of the individual general classification of the Colombian round.

“Tomorrow is going to be a very hard stage for us. Furthermore, we are sure that our rivals will do hard. We will have to be calm because we will climb to 4,160 meters, where the air is really scarce. It will be a tough stage,” said Sergio. Luis Henao after the stage, who will seek to be next to his team leader Rodrigo Contreras tomorrow.

The escape of the day was carried out by Santiago Ramírez (Avinal), Cristian Cubides (EBSA) and José Alarcón (EBSA), who failed to surprise the peloton and were neutralized prematurely by a peloton willing to resolve the stage victory in a mass finish . That’s how it was and in a sprint launched from far behind, Alejandro Osorio took the victory thanks to the last kidney blow.

The Vuelta a Colombia will continue this Tuesday with the dispute of its fourth stage, high in the mountains and 143.4 kilometers, starting in the city of Mariquita and finishing in the feared Alto de Letras. With almost 5,000 meters of accumulated positive elevation gain, the stage begins with an ascent and continues that way except for a small climb after passing through the Alto de El Sifón.

More information soon.

Classifications of the Vuelta a Colombia 2024 – Stage 3

Classification of the 3rd stage:

1. Alejandro Osorio (COL/GW-Erco-Shimano) – 3:46:2
2. Sergio Luis Henao (COL/Nu Colombia) – mt
3. Juan Tito Rendón (COL/Orgullo Paisa) at 0:03
4. Róbigzon Leandro Oyola (COL/Medellín) at 0:03
5. Jonathan Klever Caicedo (ECU/Petrolike) at 0:03
6. Daniel Arroyave (COL/GW-Erco-Shimano) at 0:03
7. Kevin David Castillo (COL/Sistecredito) at 0:03
8. José Misael Urián (COL/Sistecrédito) at 0:03
9. César Nicolás Paredes (COL/Fundecom-Arroz Sonora) at 0:03
10. Yesid Albeiro Pira (COL/ALC Manizales 100H-Caldas) at 0:03

General ranking:

1. Rodrigo Contreras (COL/Nu Colombia) – 11:20:42
2. Diego Andrés Camargo (COL/Petrolike) at 0:44
3. Adrián Bustamante (COL/GW-Erco-Shimano) at 0:48
4. Wilson Estiben Peña (COL/Sistecrédito) at 0:50
5. Javier Jamaica (COL/Medellín) at 1:03
6. Yeison Sebastián Reyes (COL/Sistecrédito) at 1:04
7. Jonathan Klever Caicedo (ECU/Petrolike) at 1:10
8. Yesid Albeiro Pira (COL/ALC Manizales 100H-Caldas) at 1:12
9. Cristian David Rico (COL/Petrolike) at 1:13
10. Alejandro Osorio (COL/GW-Erco-Shimano) at 1:15

Next stage, 4th: Mariquita – Alto de Letras / 143.4 Km.

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