Pacífico could not close the series, but has another chance to continue in the Federal Basketball League

They gave Pacifico their kindness and also gave him his own medicine. Independiente de Pico, who hit 19 triples, tied the series in the Viejo Ramírez de Neuquén, they are 1-1 in the key of conference semifinals and 40 final minutes are coming in the redoubt of the capital’s center. It will be today, starting at 9 p.m.

Rojo de Pico won by a tight 93-89 in a very changeable duel, with the visitor dominating in the even-numbered quarters (31-20 in the second and 24-16 in the fourth). El Decano, who fought until the end, showed his best version in the third (24-11)when the story turned, but The ending was pampas and the series has one more life.

with the same currency

Independiente de Pico finished with 19-37 (51%) in triples and that was the big key to the game. One, that of Nicolás Kalalo in the closing, was decisive, but the reality is that throughout the entire game, the Dean could not lower the percentage of the rival team. The story of game 1 in La Pampa was repeated, with the Neuquéns lit up from the third dimension.

That point was so decisive that it even served to counteract Pacífico’s tremendous dominance on the boards (37-17 was the difference in rebounds). The other statistics were even and, of course, Red took the best part.

When the distribution is not enough

Lucas Romera confirmed his great moment and was the best of the Dean with 21 points, 6 rebounds and a rating of 28. The starting five reached double digits and when that happens, the chances of winning are greater. This time it didn’t happen. Opposite, Independiente took advantage of their streaks. Tomás Ramallo was lethal at the start, Kalalo appeared in the final stages and Jeffrey Merchant had his usual scoring.

The first was 87-81 for Decano in La Pampa, the second 93-89 for Rojo in Neuquén. What will happen in the third? Will the high scoring be repeated? Will the triples be decisive again? Starting at 9 p.m. the story will be revealed, in an Viejo Ramírez that will be ready to explode. The winner will advance to the southern semifinals and will be four wins away from the Argentine League.

The synthesis

Pacific (89): Lucas Romera 21, Maro Roumec 14, Lucas Villanueva 14, Sebastián Godoy Vega 18, Alex Soria 11 (FI), David Fric, Tomás Flehr 5, Giuliano Sasso 6. DT: Maximiliano Rubio

Pico Independent (93): Nicolás Kalalo 15, Nicolás Henriquez 8, Joaquín Morandini 9, Jeffrey Merchant 19, Matías Sesto 13 (FI), Tomás Ramallo 17, Genaro Calcaterra 9, Blas Lino 3. DT: Juan Cruz Pagnanini

Partials: 28-28, 49-58 and 73-69

Basketball court: Viejo Ramírez, Neuquén

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