After Gabriel Boric’s claim, Argentina removes the solar panel

After Gabriel Boric’s claim, Argentina removes the solar panel
After Gabriel Boric’s claim, Argentina removes the solar panel

The Argentine Navy recognized an “involuntary error”

After the escalation of tension, the Argentina Army reported in a document that this Monday personnel and resources were transferred to begin removal tasks of a solar panel installed in the territory of the sister republic of Chile, north of the Island of Tierra del Fuego.

In this regard, it was explained that “said panel is part of a set of three structures consisting of a hybrid energy system that contributes to enhancing the value of the facilities of the Maritime Traffic Surveillance and Control Post (PVYCTM) MILESTONE 1 dependent on the ARGENTINE NAVY and adjacent to the ‘Cabo Espíritu Santo’ Surveillance Post, operated by personnel from the CHILE NAVY.”

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Likewise, the text refers to the fact that it was an “involuntary error” in the placement of one of the panels 3 meters inside Chilean territory. For this reason, “the removal for subsequent relocation within Argentine territory was coordinated with the corresponding contractor company.”

Previously, Boric had demanded that the Argentine authorities remove those solar panels “as soon as possible.” If this is not the case, “we are going to do it,” he said.

“Borders are not something that can be ambiguous and is a basic principle of respect between countries,” said the Chilean president in Paris, where he was ending an official visit.

What is the Maritime Traffic Surveillance and Control Post Milestone 1

The “Maritime Traffic Surveillance and Control Post Milestone 1” was inaugurated on April 26 by the Argentine Navy.

The event was chaired by the Commander of the Southern Naval Area (ANAU), Navy Commodore José Alberto Marti Garro, who was accompanied by the President of the Mirgor Foundation, Mercedes Rotondó; its Director, Soledad Bertona, and the Public Affairs Manager of the company Total Energies, Claudia Borbolla.

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The work was carried out in conjunction with the Mirgor Foundation, the company Total Energies and its partners Wintershall Dea and Panamerican Energy. It has two housing modules to be used as an Operations Center and as a room for the personnel who carry out surveillance and control of maritime traffic.

Chile and Argentina share an extensive border of about 5,000 kilometers.

In 1978, when both countries were governed by dictatorships, they came close to starting a war over a dispute over the islands in the Beagle Channel, at the southern tip of the continent.

With troops deployed on both sides of the border, the dispute was resolved in Chile’s favor with the mediation of Pope John Paul II.


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