Mompox becomes the first smart city in Colombia

Mompox becomes the first smart city in Colombia
Mompox becomes the first smart city in Colombia

He added that “at the level of tourism and agriculture, this connectivity will allow technological developments that will enhance these issues. In addition, with the monitoring center for Mompox, there will be better management of the different issues of the municipality.”

The project includes the installation of fiber optic infrastructure that will allow community internet access in rural areas, the creation of a mobile application that will facilitate the tourist experience, the implementation of Smart points with interactive screens and benches with connectors for charging devices, a drone for monitoring public and environmental incidents, and sensors to measure air, water and river level quality.

The project will have 4,356 points with fiber optic infrastructure enabled for community Internet access in rural areas, which will be complemented by Internet Boards, which will allow the most remote areas of the municipality to connect to the network.

5 km of smart highway will also be implemented that will improve road safety and civic programs will be developed to make visible the cultural wealth of the municipality.

“This is the first agreement that we signed with the National Government in this period, to enhance Mompox. The Ministry provides $30,000 million and the departmental government provides $15,000, to guarantee the sustainability of the project in the long term and that we have guaranteed connectivity for a long time “said the governor of Bolívar, Yamil Arana.

The mayor of Mompox, Juan Nicolás Sinning, assured that “it is a day that will go down in history. We celebrate an unprecedented investment, which will transform our municipality and its townships into a model of innovation and connectivity that is an example in Colombia. We express our most “deep thanks for all your support and commitment to this project, which will position Mompox as an example of a smart city, improving the quality of life of our citizens and attracting new opportunities for economic and social development.”

As part of the municipality’s development strategy, the Cartagena – Mompox air route was inaugurated, operated by the Satena airline, facilitating tourist access to this destination.

“Recently, in a meeting between the Government and the People, President Petro announced this flight, and today it is a reality, becoming an achievement that will allow the arrival of tourists to the territory to expand,” Minister Lizcano pointed out.

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