Today the Government will relocate the solar panels that generated a focus of conflict with Chile

Today the Government will relocate the solar panels that generated a focus of conflict with Chile
Today the Government will relocate the solar panels that generated a focus of conflict with Chile

Jorge Faurie on solar panels and the conflict with Chile

The Argentine ambassador in Chile, Jorge Faurie, assured that the work to relocate one of the solar panels installed in Chilean territory will begin today. In turn, he maintained that “the operators did not pay enough attention,” he said. Relations between both countries are “excellent” and justified the president’s statements Gabriel Boric.

“He was consulted within the framework of a tour he was making in Europe, and when a president is asked about territorial defense, he had to respond in a manner consistent with what a president is expected to do,” stated the diplomatic representative in dialogue with Radio Miter.

Aerial view of the border between Argentina and Chile in the extreme south of the country

Yesterday, Boric spoke out bluntly about the incident. “We learned some time ago that Argentina, when installing a military base in the Patagonia region, installed solar panels in Chilean territory. We received an apology from the Foreign Ministry, but I would like to express to you very clearly that borders are not something that can be ambiguous and that it is a basic principle of respect between countries and that, therefore, They must remove those solar panels as soon as possible or we are going to do it“, he pointed.

In relation to the solar panels installed by the Armed Forces, a set of three structures consisting of a hybrid energy system that contributes to the enhancement of the facilities of the Maritime Traffic Surveillance and Control Post (PVYCTM) MILESTONE 1, adjacent to the ‘Cabo Espíritu Santo’ Surveillance Post, operated by personnel of the Chilean Navy, Faurie provided more details.

Another image of the installed solar panels

“Today is the day that the removal of the panels begins. There are four that were installed, one of which was in Chilean territory, three meters inside the demarcation line, defined geodetically. The workers did not pay enough attention and left one installed on the Chilean side. The work is expected to be completed quickly,” reported the ambassador.

When consulted, the former chancellor during the government of Mauricio Macri He believed that this incident does not affect diplomatic relations between Argentina and Chile. “We have excellent relations, there are 40 years of sharing a joint reality in democracy and growth. This year we are going to mark the 40th anniversary of the Treaty of Peace and Friendship, which will be celebrated on November 29, and We understand that it could be a moment of meeting between both presidents”, he indicated.

And he concluded: “There are 40 years of very important economic relations; We have an extensive border, with a number of resources on both sides, there are 14 provinces that run along the Chilean border, and today they have a very relevant card for Argentina, which is access to the Pacific. The dynamic framework of the coming years will be the Pacific basin.”

The Hito 1 surveillance station

After Boric’s statements, the Argentine Navy reported yesterday afternoon that the transfer of personnel and resources to begin removal tasks of “a solar panel installed in the territory of the sister republic of Chile, north of the Island of Tierra del Fuego”, to provide electricity to the aforementioned “Maritime Traffic Surveillance and Control Post Milestone 1 ″, inaugurated at the end of April of this year.

The Mirgor Foundation and Total Energies They were responsible for donating the discord panels, where the Navy carries out its specific activities of sovereign control of the Argentine territorial sea. There, two transportable modules were installed, specially designed to meet the housing and work needs of the personnel who carry out satellite monitoring of the Strait of Magellan.

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