Setta has given more than 4,000 summonses for bad parking in Armenia

Setta has given more than 4,000 summonses for bad parking in Armenia
Setta has given more than 4,000 summonses for bad parking in Armenia


One of the biggest mobility problems in the city It is undoubtedly the bad parking that generates trauma and major traffic congestion.

By the way, The director of the Casa del Peregrino, Julio Velasco, announced on social networks that on the outskirts from the place located in the Uribe neighborhood, a private vehicle parked on Access made it difficult for older adults in wheelchairs to enter.

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Projection that the lack of awareness of this type of drivers who do not mind failing to comply is regrettable with traffic regulations such as parking on the wrong side of the road and in turn affecting the mobility of the community in general.

In addition to violating the road, it obstructs the entry and exit of the wheelchairs of vulnerable patients, We had to make several medical appointments and it was very complex to get them in and out because we had to mistreat the chairs by lowering them into a space. where there is no Rampla, a matter that in addition to mistreating the chair, mistreats the elderly because it hits them and it makes them feel uncomfortable,” he denounced.

The director of the home in the city awaits concrete actions by the Traffic authorities to avoid this type of events.

He added: “There is a Rampla that is identified, but the common sense of citizens should assume their responsibility That is why we invite the authorities to exercise control over these types of people, there is evidence of the offense against traffic regulations. that have been generated and the impact fundamentally on a vulnerable population.”

In that same sense he spoke the city’s Transit Secretary, Daniel Jaime Castaño, who referred to the controls regarding the non-permitted parking that they have established in different sectors.

He reported that so far this year have issued more than 4,600 summonses for said infraction, which continues to be very common despite operational work.

“We are reiterating the problem that In the city of Armenia, regarding mobility, there is parking in unauthorized places that are not allowed. It continues to be the main problem that affects us the most and we continue with our controls as we announced, this year we have imposed more than 4,600 summons orders for this behavior that unfortunately continues to be very common despite the multiple operations we have”, he highlighted.

He highlighted that They increased the staff by 20 additional Traffic agents to combat the problem That is why they will insist on operations to impose summonses and immobilize the vehicles if necessary.

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