Mendoza will charge medical attention to drunk drivers

Mendoza will charge medical attention to drunk drivers
Mendoza will charge medical attention to drunk drivers

Faced with this, the governor Alfredo Cornejo He raised a bill within the Provincial Health Plan, which seeks to strengthen a system with increasingly more demand, as a result of the economic crisis.

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For this reason, it intends to recover part of the money allocated to the care for people who suffered a traffic accident while driving under the influence of alcohol. The Government understands that this expense could be avoided if awareness was raised about the potential danger that this behavior represents.

On average, it is estimated that care for each person injured in a road accident costs about 15 million pesos.with an average care of between 10 and 12 days of hospitalization and a surgical intervention.

Precisely, what this law – the last one pending from the Health Plan – establishes is that if It is proven that the injured party was driving with more than 0.5 grams per liter of blood, require hospital carebut do not have social work, you will have to pay it. The same will apply if the person was under the influence of narcotics.

In this way, the Fund for the Recovery and Strengthening of the Provincial Health System (Reforsal) will be created so that the expenses incurred due to irresponsibility are assumed by the offenders. Thus, the Ministry of Health will be in charge of collecting or recovering the health benefits provided for the benefit of the offending driver.

How will the costs generated by alcohol while driving be recovered?

As we said, the statistics are alarming: in terms of traffic accidents, 1 in 4 deaths is linked to driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs. In addition, a considerable number of victims are seriously injured, which significantly increases costs for the public health system.

The bill empowers the Ministry of Health and Sports, through the entity created by Law No. 9535, to recover the costs of health benefits provided to those drivers who, violating the prohibitions established in Law 9024, incur traffic accidents.

By holding those who break the rules financially responsible, the goal is not only to recover costs incurred, but also to deter irresponsible and dangerous behavior.

In addition, the project emphasizes the need for awareness and compliance with the rules to guarantee a healthy and sustainable social coexistence. “The recovered resources may be reinvested in the health systembenefiting the entire community and improving the quality of public health services,” he explains.

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