“What would we know about that?”

Luis Alonso Colmenares, father of Luis Andrés Colmenares, spoke with WEEK. This is due to the case of his son, which was revived in court. The Supreme Court of Justice admitted the appeal filed by lawyer Jaime Lombana, defense of the Colmenares family, against the decision of the Superior Court of Bogotá that acquitted Laura Moreno and Jessy Quintero on February 21, 2017, mentioned in the process. for the death of Luis Andrés Colmenares.

The Colmenares case was recorded on October 31, 2010, when young students from the Universidad de los Andes went out to party, in costume, in the Zona Rosa of Bogotá, and Colmenares ended up dead. The case has not been clarified, it had a great media effect and even motivated a series.

Since the case was revived, Luis Alonso Colmenares, father of the deceased young man, spoke with WEEK. During the interview, he emphasized an element that, 14 years later, he still considers suspicious.

“That Luis’s clothes had been lost in Forensic Medicine. How come this irresponsible director of Forensic Medicine, this Mr. Valdés (Carlos Eduardo Valdés), never gave any explanations? Why were Luis’s clothes lost? Why, if the autopsy says that the death is violent, do the procedures establish it, why didn’t they put the clothes in chain of custody, why did they disappear?”, assured Luis Alonso Colmenares.

“Who disappeared her? Dr. Emilio Yunis made us aware of these, when we went to him as a geneticist to help us. And the first thing he does is request the clothes, he makes us take notice. What would we know about that if we in my family were not used to there being a death every so often?. This is the first death that has occurred and in such a tragic way,” she added.

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According to Luis Alonso Colmenares, Legal Medicine indicated at the time that his son’s skull had two injuries and the exhumation revealed seven injuries. “They beat Luis until they had enough of him,” he said.

Thus, explained Luis Alonso Colmenares, on August 8, lawyer Jaime Lombana must present before the Supreme Court of Justice the reasons why he requests to review the decision taken in 2017.

To do this, he explained, the corporation gave him 10 minutes. Colmenares also pointed out that the lawyer Jaime Lombana does not have financial remuneration, he has always done the work out of conviction and as a father of a family.

Luis Andrés Colmenares died in confusing events that occurred on the night of October 31, 2010 in Bogotá. | Photo: Elpaís.com.co / Colprensa

Colmenares, who is also a lawyer, said he knew that the cassation had to happen. “We must hope that this time in Court the situation is resolved and it becomes clear what the judges did not see the previous times. I have faith that justice will see reality. I have faith that before I die there will be justice,” he said.

Although he had another costume planned, Oneida noted that his son decided to attend the meeting dressed as a devil, something he never agreed with. Furthermore, she stated that before leaving she asked her brother to take good care of her.

“I felt a lot of rejection of that costume, I felt that something was going to happen. Initially he was not going to put on the devil costume, he was going to dress up as an Arab, like the one from Arroz Roa. When he came out dressed as a devil, I wanted to go crazy. But he told me that he carried God in his heart and with that he left.”he added.

Then he emphasized: “I was helping him place the chubs and he just stared at me. That look, today I say, was a way of saying goodbye. After that, she told me: ‘Fatty, I’m not going to delay, I’m coming early.’ “He also said goodbye to his brother and asked him to take care of me.”

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