Jaldo took the promise of loyalty to the Flag to 2,500 Tucumán students

Like every year, 25 de Mayo Street, in front of the Government House, was dressed in white overalls and national flags. The families celebrated together with the fourth grade students and Police cadets the commitment to the national flag. Photos.

Like every year, 25 de Mayo Street, in front of the Government House, was dressed in white overalls and national flags. The families celebrated together with the fourth grade students and Police cadets the commitment to the national flag.

On the occasion of commemorating the National Flag Day and the 204th Anniversary of the General’s Death Manuel Belgranothe governor, Osvaldo Jaldo He presided over the central event on the esplanade of the Government House.

Over there, The First Provincial President took the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag to 2,500 fourth grade students from educational establishments in the capital and the interior of the province and to 80 cadets from the General José Francisco de San Martín Police Higher Education Institute.

In an emotional ceremony full of patriotic meaning, students from various schools today renewed their commitment to the Argentine homeland. There are 2,500 young people who gathered to promise to defend and love our flag with fraternal tolerance and respect, committing to be free and fair citizens,” said the Governor.

“It is an honor and a duty for each of us to renew this commitment to our Argentina,” said the President, who urged young people to accept in solidarity the differences that enrich our society.

Likewise, Jaldo expressed that “Argentina, our homeland, has been described as the symbol of our freedom and sovereignty, calling for the exercise of our duties and rights to respect the laws and institutions.”

They accompanied Jaldo, Mr. Wife, Ana Maria Grillo; the lieutenant governor, Michael Acevedo; the surrogate president of the Honorable Legislature, Sergio Mansilla; the president of the Supreme Court of Justice, Daniel Leiva; and the vowel, Eleonora Rodríguez Campos; the deputy, Agustín Fernandez and the national deputies Gladys Medina and Elia Fernández de Mansilla.

Also the fiscal minister, Edmundo Jimenez; the member of the Federal Court of Appeals, Mario Leal; the Minister of Education, Susana Montaldo; the Minister of Economy and Production, Daniel Abad; the Minister of Government and Justice, Regino Amado; the Minister of Security, Eugenio Aguero Gamboa; the Minister of the Interior, Dario Monteros; the Minister of Public Works, Santiago Yanotti; the Minister of Social Development, Federico Masso; the legislators Carlos Najar and Alejandra Cejasthe Secretary of Government, Raúl Albarracín; the Secretary of Human Rights, Mario Racedo; the mayor of Graneros, Raquel Granerosthe mayor of Tafí del Valle, Francisco Caliva; the mayor of Lules, Marta Albarracin; the Deputy Prosecutor Raúl Ferrazzano; the general director of the Federal Regional Agency NOA Tucumán, Agustin Cafaro; the commander of the Fourth Region of the National Gendarmerie, commander Luis Maria canet; the head of the Tucumán Operational Unit of the Airport Security PoliceAriel Serrano; the chief of Police of Tucumán, Joaquín Girboa Olleta and the deputy chief of police, Roque Íñigo.

In addition, deputies were present; senators; municipal mayors; legislators; communal commissioners; the general director of the Tucumán Penitentiary Service, Antonio Quinteros; the deputy director of the Tucumán Penitentiary Service, Diego Leal; the rector of the Police Higher Education Institute, General José Francisco de San Martín, Claudio Dadín; representatives of the Public Prosecutor’s Office and the Popular and Defense Ministry; the director of the General Archive of the Nation, Emilio Perina; the president of the Court of Accounts of Tucumán, Miguel Terraf; the rector of the San Pablo Tucumán UniversityRamiro Albarracín; secretaries and undersecretaries and directors of State.

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During the raising of the national flag, the Song to the Flag was performed by the Symphonic Band of the Province, directed by director Alvaro Garcia; accompanied by the Tucumán Police Music Band and with the participation of the stable choir of the province led by the director, Ricardo Sbrocco.

Montaldo said that “today more than 2,500 students from 50 public and private schools under state and special management gathered in Plaza Independencia to participate in the solemn ceremony of pledging loyalty to the Argentine flag.”

It is an act loaded with emotion and historical significance, the young people of our schools publicly committed to being faithful to the colors blue and white, which represent the diversity and strength of our nation,” stated the Minister of Education. And she added: ” They are accompanied by family, teachers and local authorities, where each student expressed their pride in belonging to this land and for carrying high the flag that unites us as Argentines.”

The teacher of the 240 ° school Manuel Laínez, Martha Nieto, She was very excited about her students swearing in the Flag in front of Governor Jaldo. “For the kids it is a very special day that will be recorded for the rest of their lives,” she said.

The student, Xiomara Soria, He admitted that “swearing the flag in front of the Governor is very emotional, since it represents loyalty to the country.” Likewise, the vice director of the Martín Miguel de Güemes School, Viviana Canoexpressed that “the pledge of allegiance to the flag is a great event for fourth grade students.”

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