Guaymallén invites the SME Agroindustrial Forum in Mendoza, register to participate

Guaymallén invites the SME Agroindustrial Forum in Mendoza, register to participate
Guaymallén invites the SME Agroindustrial Forum in Mendoza, register to participate

on Wednesday June 26thin it Ángel Bustelo auditorium in Mendozawill be carried out first SME Agroindustrial Foruma joint initiative of the Economic Federation of Mendoza (FEM), the Confederation of Small and Medium Enterprises (CAME) and the provincial Ministry of Production.

The event will bring together prominent representatives of the agroindustrial sector, both local and from various Argentine provinces, who will debate the present and future challenges of this important economic activity. Starting at 8 in the morning, a space will be opened to share statistics, business and cooperative success stories, as well as discuss social responsibility and sustainable development.

The Forum, initially conceived in Mendoza but with a regional scope, will bring together SME entrepreneurs from Mendoza, Catamarca, La Rioja, San Juan and San Luis. Its main objective is to promote collaboration between producers and industrialists to strengthen an integrated value chain, reducing asymmetries and adding value at origin to primary products.

  • The SME Agroindustrial Forum program is structured in three fundamental thematic blocks:
  1. Global Trends in Agri-Food Production: Analysis of the latest innovations and technologies that are transforming agroindustrial production globally.
  2. Commercial Overview and Profitability: Discussion on strategies to improve the competitiveness of agroindustrial SMEs in national and international markets.
  3. Challenge of Generating Roots with Genuine Employment: Reflection on how to strengthen the social and economic fabric of communities through sustainable development and job creation.

How to register?

The Forum also seeks to provide practical and valuable tools to strengthen agroindustrial SMEs, both in the domestic and external markets. Additionally, it focuses on the active participation of SMEs in the formulation of policies that promote their development and continued growth.

To register for the event, those interested can visit the official website of the SME Agroindustrial Forum on Eventbrite.


For more information about the business round and other queries, you can contact us by email at [email protected] or write to [email protected].

This Forum represents a unique opportunity to connect, learn and strengthen the agroindustrial sector, consolidating its fundamental role in the national and regional economy.

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