a doctor granted 2 thousand days of leave

a doctor granted 2 thousand days of leave
a doctor granted 2 thousand days of leave

Receiving a medical certificate to rest is an extra problem for many workers. “Medical certificates are not provided on call” is the policy that governs all private health centers and is maintained even when doctors prescribe injectable medication or antibiotics. As opposed, Many state-owned companies obtained fake certificates from doctors who did not even review them.

The Río Negro government is targeting about 20 doctors who signed license certificates without checking patients. According to the Executive, it is a million-dollar fraud. “I denounced two doctors from the Alto Valle and We will continue this cause until they lose their professional registration. And they are not the only ones; There are 20 other doctors in the province involved,” said Governor Alberto Weretilneck.

The Executive provided details about the investigation and affirmed that only one of the doctors investigated would have granted more than 2000 days of leave with fake medical certificates. “They are professionals who issued certificates that generated permissiveness on the part of certain agents not to show up for work, supporting the salary burden by the State, and conspiring against the order that we must impose as employers,” said the Minister of Government, Labor, Modernization and Tourism, Federico Lutz.

After Governor Alberto Weretilneck denounced doctors for falsifying photos and defrauding the State, the Secretary of Public Administration, Tania Lastra, explained that the case of fake medical certificates was discovered because “exhaustive control over medical care is being carried out.” or the non-attendance of public agents at their workplaces.”

The official explained that “we detected an alarming pattern in the issuance of medical certificates, especially by two prominent doctors in our investigation.” According to Lastra, these doctors would have issued hundreds of irregular medical certificates, which resulted in considerable economic damage for the provincial State since days not worked due to illness must still be charged.

“We are talking about more than 2000 days of licenses unjustified only in the case of a doctor, which represents a millionaire embezzlement“added Lastra and emphasized the collaboration of the provincial Ministry of Health to investigate the registration and credentials of the doctors involved.

The alleged irregularity led to complaints before the Justice for fraud to the detriment of public administration” (article 174 inc. 5 of the Penal Code) in an ideal competition (article 54) with “issuance of a false medical certificate” (article 295).

The operation included raids on offices and private homes, where evidence relevant to the investigation was seized. “We are committed to reaching the ultimate legal and administrative consequences, including the possible revocation of registrations,” Lastra said.

Source: LMN

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