“A match in which we can seal the classification”

“A match in which we can seal the classification”
“A match in which we can seal the classification”

Since César Daniel Gómez arrived in Salta to wear the Central Norte shirt, in the classics he played against Juventud Antoniana in Federal A he scored 5 goals in 6 games.

“Pampa” Gómez will once again be part of the crow team that will face the saint tomorrow. “It is an important match in which we can seal the classification. We are really looking forward to achieving it for the joy of the people. Like any classic it is something special and it is nice to score, but what is most interesting is that the team wins,” said the jet-black midfielder.

Gómez declared that “we arrived well. The team has improved a lot in the game. We were winning there, but not playing well. We have earned many points and it strengthens the group.”

The Pampean player acknowledged: “In the Federal A all the games are complicated. When the rivals come to Salta they stand in a different way. They know that we are good. So, they take precautions and it becomes difficult to open the games, which is typical of the tournament “We must continue on this path and finish this stage as high as possible.”

Regarding what needs to be corrected, he commented: “The group is very satisfied with everything we have been doing. We know that we have to improve and we work for it every day. More than anything in a classic, we hope that everything turns out in the best way and that it is a nice game to get the three points.”

Of the tactical drawing he explained: “We have played with different systems. There are two well marked. We have adapted them, talked about what our coach more or less asks of us. We take it calmly. It is analyzed and then they give us the tools to execute in the basketball court”.

Regarding the absence of Diego Magno he said: “The absence of Diego (Magno) is a shame. We know what he contributes to the team and what he gives us, more than anything in this type of games. First is the health of each one and that he recovers soon. There are many players who can do well.


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