Javier Milei met with the Spanish influencer criticized by the Government of that country and sent a message to Pedro Sánchez

Javier Milei met with the Spanish influencer criticized by the Government of that country and sent a message to Pedro Sánchez
Javier Milei met with the Spanish influencer criticized by the Government of that country and sent a message to Pedro Sánchez

When he was treated as a “bag of shit” by a minister in Pedro Sánchez’s government, Javier Milei came to his defense and denounced that he was a persecuted journalist.

The influencer has already had several clashes with officials due to his irreverent style and there are even complaints against him for defamation. In this case, the one who lost his temper in the face of Quiles’ criticism was the Minister of Transport and Sustainable Mobility, Óscar Puente. Quiles had criticized him for supposedly using the official car to attend a Taylor Swift concert.

In the last European elections, Vito Quiles was press officer for the extreme right-wing political formation The Party is Overdirected by another network activist, Alvise Perez, which has also been the center of many controversies and even the subject of legal complaints.

Vito Quiles met Javier Milei in Madrid and thanked him for his support

Despite his status as an outsider and newcomer to politics, Alvise Pérez obtained almost 5% of the votes for your list.

Before becoming press officer for Se Acabó la fiesta, Vito Quiles was already known for his activity in the field of digital communication.

“My solidarity with the Spanish journalist Vito Quiles, who is being persecuted by the government of Pedro Sánchez after reporting that one of his ministers used an official car to go to a Taylor Swift recital”: was Javier Milei’s message on the social network X on June 17. The post had a lot of impact in Spain and contributed to cementing Quiles’ fame.

Now, on the occasion of Milei’s visit to Madrid, the influencer went to cover the rally in repudiation of the presence of the Argentine president. In his words: “I have gone to the left-handed demonstration against Milei’s visit to Spain.”

Vito Quiles gained fame by creating viral content. In a post in X, he tells how he enjoys interviewing “lefties” who protest MIlei’s presence in Madrid

In the Spanish capital, the Argentine president was received by the president of the Community of Madrid, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, who awarded him with the International Medal (created in 2017). Then Javier Milei received the prize of Juan de Mariana Institute. Meanwhile, both admirers and opponents of the libertarian’s ideas gathered around Puerta del Sol.

Vito Quiles took advantage of the occasion to generate viral content, as is his custom. In the anti-Milei demonstration he got into mini discussions with several protesters whom he sought to provoke by talking to them, for example, about the drop in inflation. Some of them called him a “fascist” and others assured him that Milei had privatized the entire country, in addition to denying that Alberto Fernández’s government had left millions poor. One maintained that “manipulated people” voted for Milei.

Vito Quiles in the march against the presence of Javier Milei in Madrid

Quiles also had the opportunity to briefly meet Javier Milei and uploaded a video to Instagram, in which they both greet each other, They criticize the “lefties” and make fun of Pedro Sánchez.

The Argentine president defined the Spanish influencer as a “giant” who “is doing his best to defend freedom.”

When Quiles thanked him for the support given, Milei told him: “That’s what socialists are like, they put money in the media to buy news, to buy journalists and they persecute those who cannot buy.” The influencer agreed: “This is what socialists are like, intolerant.” And immediately he asked the President to send a message to those of that tendency but “to Pedro Sanchez Above all, he doesn’t like you coming to Madrid.”

Milei did not hesitate: “Pedro, you don’t like it (pointing to Quiles), freedom is going to continue growing. Long live freedom, damn it!

The meeting between Javier Milei and Vito Quiles

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