Córdoba-Barça Atlètic | One by one and evaluations of the Barça subsidiary

Córdoba-Barça Atlètic | One by one and evaluations of the Barça subsidiary
Córdoba-Barça Atlètic | One by one and evaluations of the Barça subsidiary


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Big day at the Nuevo El Arcángel stadium in Córdona. More than 22,000 gorges and a hellish atmosphere in the Córdoba fiefdom against a Barça Atlètic that wanted to put the icing on the cake of a spectacular season and with a starting eleven that, mind you, was barely 20 years old.

Rafa Márquez, faithful to his style and the personality that has accompanied this team throughout the course, He had the same eleven men on the pitch who tied in the first leg of the playoffs at the Estadi Johan Cruyff. Marc Guiu finally arrived after having to be relieved last week with an overload.

Iván Ania’s team played with the advantage of, if they reached a tie at the end of a hypothetical overtime, they would emerge the winner by having finished second in the regular phase.

The thermometer in the Córdoba stadium marked 36º at the time of starting the game. +

These are SPORT’s evaluations of Barça Atlètic:

Marc Vidal (4, decisive): He was having a good game, he had taken out the danger (quite a bit) that Córdoba had generated. But a blunder at the ball’s exit led to a 2-1 lead and ended up being key.

Héctor Fort (7, adventurer): Great goal by the Barcelona full-back in an amazing ride that made it 0-1 at El Arcángel. Better in attack than in defense, where he suffered a lot with Mendes-Martins. At 17 years old, great projection.

Pelayo (5, required): He suffered a lot to tie Toril short and also had some difficulties when releasing the ball. Match of enormous demand and with a Córdoba with many arguments at the top. He still has to get his bearings after the serious knee injury.

Mika Faye (6, powerful): As in the first leg, he had problems defending Toril in the lateral centers (goal in Kohan and goal in Córdoba). Aside from that error, he corrected well and showed his power and physical superiority in several actions.

Gerard Martín (6, for sure): He could not lavish as much attack as Johan, but he was solid defending his wing against the attacks of Carracedo and Albarrán. Despite the enormous load of minutes of the season, he added another 90 solid minutes.

Marc Casadó (7, lung): He tried to lead and lift the team in the lowest moments. He did a great job in the engine room, fighting with the experienced players from Córdoba at all times. The open doors of the first team await him.

Marc Bernal (7, mature): It was key to reducing aerial balls when Córdoba tried to bomb from corners and lateral fouls. He could not arrive on the second line or be key with assists in 3/4 of the field this time, more concerned about holding the position.

Moha (5, flashing): He tried to have weight in the release of the ball and was fluid in the good minutes of the first half. He worked, he emptied himself, but he could not be decisive either in attack or from set pieces.

Unai Hernández (6, covered): The team played little off the left, where Malgrat’s team was based. When he intervened he always did so creating danger. In the second half he was more incisive, but he did not find the way to score or assist.

Pau Víctor (6, worker): He fought the unspeakable, he fought with everyone, he tried to find his way at all times, but he simply did not receive clear balls. He was key in the 0-1 with his wall with Héctor Fort.

Marc Guiu (5, marked): Except for a couple of actions at the start of the first half, he was never able to connect with the ball or with his teammates. Well marked, tied short, he was probably not 100% after the physical problems in the first leg.

Dani Rodríguez (6, incisor): He tried a couple of starts, but Córdoba made sure that very little was played in the last minutes and barely intervened in the game.

Pocho Román (5, unpublished): He had almost no contact with the ball.

Alarcón (5, no time).

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